Goodbye to our friend, Lauren

November 1st 2017, Lauren Ficke passed away. This is a tribute to her and the impact she had on our lives and our business.

Top 10 Reasons To Automate Your Real Estate Business on Black Friday

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Thinking about taking your business to the next level? Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Automate your Real Estate Business on Black Friday

Top 10 Reasons to grab Godfather CRM on Black Friday

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There's over 400 reasons (customizations) to grab your copy of Godfather CRM, but here are the Top 10 Reasons to grab Godfather CRM on Black Friday.

Property MOB’s Negotiating Blueprint in Godfather CRM

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Watch this video to see a demo of the new negotiating blueprint!

7 MOBSTERS REVEAL: The One Thing That Will Change Your Real Estate Business Forever

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Words of wisdom!

How to make Offers to Sellers that get Accepted

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Learn how to make offers to sellers that get accepted and never struggle with it again!

Email Subject Line Swipe File for Sellers

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Use this swipe file to get the headlines that will get attention and cause your seller to take action!

7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate Wholesaling

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Iʼm going to warn you about the 7 deadly sins so youʼll be prepared and know how to handle them.

Seller Lead Funnels

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Seller lead funnels are one of the areas that I'm always fine tuning. In this post, I show you an inside look at my seller lead funnel.

Is the Market in a Slump or Do you Just Suck?

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Your numbers start to decline and you need to know... Is the Market in a Slump or Do You Just Suck?

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Mentor

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In your real estate career, you'll wonder how to choose the best real estate mentor - here's how!

How Does Real Estate Wholesaling Work?

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Are you asking yourself "How does Real Estate Wholesaling Work?" Get the answer now.

Is it possible to run a successful wholesaling business with no direct mail?

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Simple answer is yes, but why would you?

Is it time to hire an acquisition manager?

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Thinking about hiring an acquisition manager? Find out if it's the right time for you.

2016 Real Estate Analytics And Stats

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Take a peek inside my real estate analytics of 2016, and see how they compare to yours.

12 Days of Mobster Christmas!

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Celebrate the holiday season with the MOB. Join our email list and enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas!

What to do if the seller wants to back out of the deal?

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Here's what to do if the seller wants to back out of the deal.

How to Create a High Converting Bandit Sign

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Are you looking to generate motivated seller leads? Here's how.

Thoughts for John Paul Moses

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On September 12, 2016, our friend JP was in a head on collision. As I write this, he is in critical condition.

What Property M.O.B. Believes

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Everyone has their beliefs that they proudly stand for, here's what the Property M.O.B. believes in.

3 Tragic Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make When Automating Their Business

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Are you making these mistakes? Find out now!

How to Buy Houses on Auto Pilot

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I'm sharing a mind map that'll teach you how to buy houses on auto pilot. This is your next step.

Top 5 Most Asked Questions By Real Estate Newbies

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Real estate newbies have so many questions.. Look no Further! HELP IS HERE!!

How to Determine Accurate Property Value

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Any time you're determining the value of a property, it's an art! So, let's paint a masterpiece!

Wholesaling Houses is Easy Money…OR IS IT?

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Has anyone told you lately that wholesaling houses is easy money? Let me tell you the truth.

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