How to Do a Property Inspection

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Need to know how to do a property inspection? This post should get you on your way.

Awesome New Age Marketing for Cash Buyers

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Stuck in your bad ways? Time to change to new marketing techniques that will WORK!

This Dweeb will Stop His Truck and Beat Your A$$

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This guy is really pissed off about seeing bandit signs in his neighborhood.

The Correct Order of a Real Estate Wholesale Deal

There's actually a correct order in which to do a wholesale transaction. Find our what it is.

What To Look For in a Real Estate Sales Manager

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Discover what to look for when it's time to hire a real estate sales manager for your team.

Top 4 Ways to Scale Your Real Estate Business

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The 4 primary areas you should focus on when it's time to scale your real estate business.

37 Motivated Seller Trigger Keyword List

Study these 38 keywords that ONLY Motivated Sellers of Real Estate will say

Build Rapport With Motivated Sellers Over the Phone

Learn how to build a know, like and trust relationship with your sellers.

Go Ahead…. Take This Real Estate Quiz for Mobsters Now!

Take this quiz and find out which mobster you're most like! Don't be scared.

What should I do first if I’m going to Automate my Real Estate Business?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Here's the answer from an expert!

How Long Does It Take To Automate a Real Estate Business?

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It's hard for me to answer that question, but I've finally put together an answer for you!

How Much Will it Cost to Automate Your Real Estate Business?

My real estate business has been automated for many years, now I'm giving you knowledge!

Let Us Discuss My 2015 Real Estate Lead Generation Statistics

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In this blog post, I'll share my ACTUAL numbers with you for the second time!

Let Us Discuss Why I Deleted My Entire Cash Buyers List

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This may sound crazy now, but it will totally make sense after you read this article!

Should I Let My Virtual Assistant Negotiate with Sellers?

Debating whether or not to have your virtual assistant negotiate deals with sellers? Read this!

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

It's a very exciting time to be in real estate business and an even better time to hire one of Property MOB's PRE-TRAINED Virtual Assistants.   I've listed the top 10 reasons why [...]

Can Someone Generate Real Estate Leads For Me?

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I'm glad you're thinking this right now and decided to read THIS blog post.

What is a good response rate for a real estate marketing campaign?

How to determine what is a Good Real Estate Marketing Campaign Response Rate. Use several factors to conclude if you should repeat the campaign, or ditch it

How to Handle all of your Buyer and Seller Leads in One Place

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The Real estate business is an ever revolving door. Sellers come and go, and buyers come and go. If you're executing effective marketing campaigns, then you have both types of leads entering your sales funnel [...]

Tatted Up Girl with Country Accent Makes $105k on Virtual Wholesale Deal

Originally aired on Periscope, this 45 minute video breaks down the details of a virtual vacant land wholesale deal. RELISH IN IT

Is it time to use automated real estate systems?

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The idea of automating your real estate business sounds intriguing, doesn't it? But when is the right time for YOU to start using automated real estate systems?

How Do You Measure Success?

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How do you measure success in your real estate business?   Do you even measure anything at all?  If you're not, then tell me WHY?  How can you sleep at night without knowing how your [...]

How to Find Real Estate Comps

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Real Estate Investors are always looking for the greatest resources to use in their business. I’ve decided to do you guys a favor, and round up all of the useful links that you can use [...]

Real Estate Acronyms Guide for Wholesalers [Explicit]

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There’s plenty of real estate acronyms and jargon to learn. Some of them are a little weird, I admit.  That’s why I’ve created this cool little M.O.B. Dictionary filled with Wholesaler jargon that you can [...]

7 Things You Should Know About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Hiring a virtual assistant is a monumental time in every real estate investor’s life. It means that you've gotten to the level that requires the assistance of someone else.  Someone who can help you with [...]

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