Why do Realtors deny this stuff?

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I'm a licensed Realtor.  I've been licensed since 1998.  Every 2 years, I have to do 14 hours of continuing education to maintain my licence.  My time is up. My license is to be renewed [...]

Angry Seller: Likes it Sideways (Rated R)

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The M.O.B. loves Angry Seller calls. To us, they’re hilarious.  Here’s one that was received in my Google Voice account for Bandit Signs!  If you have any angry seller calls, please send them to us for a [...]

Return Yellow Letter from a Realtor – ROFL

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As long as I'm getting responses, they're still working. And who the hell sends Thanksgiving Cards?  HAHAHA  

Realtors Think They Know It All – HA!

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Hi Tracy,   I came across your site and became a mobster.  I was watching your you tube videos and saw you have an app for estimated repairs.  Is that something you can share with [...]

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