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How to Train Your Virtual Assistant

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If you're a serious real estate investor, the time will certainly come where you'll consider hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant). If you're not sure what a VA is, it's a person who works remotely and helps you with any and all administrative tasks. Anything that can be done from a [...]

How To Set up a Google Voice Account for Your VA

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If you're considering hiring a Virtual Assistant, you'll definitely want him/her to have their own phone number.  Especially if they're working remotely from another country like India or the Philippines. May I suggest that you set up a Google Voice account for your VA? This will allow him/her to receive [...]

What Tasks Can a VA Perform for a Real Estate Investor?

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This is a good question, indeed.  You may find yourself overwhelmed with a bunch of "busy" tasks (minutia,as I like to call them), but still not know which ones you can hand over to a Virtual Assistant to take care of.  So I've compiled a list of various tasks that [...]

Dropbox: A Wonderful Thing

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If you don't have Dropbox, ITS TIME TO GET IT!!!  Watch this video and discover why you shouldn't live another day in the real estate business without Dropbox!!!        

Text Message Follow ups to MISSED Google Voice Calls

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Here's a FAST and EASY way to follow up with MISSED seller calls from Google Voice.  These are the sellers that called and may have hung up. Using the simple technique found in this video, you'll be following up with numerous sellers in SECONDS!! and setting appointments that you may [...]

How To Setup A Google Voice Account

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HelloSign (Paperless Transactions)

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Nearly 2 years ago, I came to the conclusion that I hated paper.  I wanted to transform my life into a completely digital filing cabinet.  I also hated thumbing through old files to find HUD-1 or copies of contracts.  And the big bulky filing cabinet just wasnt cutting it any [...]

How Much Should You Pay A Virtual Assistant?

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I see this topic come up alot in the forums. It's about as controversial as religion or politics, at times.  Which is slightly retarded.  So let's have a mini education class on hiring/outsourcing people from other countries. More specifically - the Philippines. First, let's talk about currency conversion. You have to [...]

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Real Estate Business

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Have you been thinking that you need to hire a virtual assistant? Your primary job as a wholesaler is to make offers to sellers, get contracts signed, and assign your most awesome deals to another investor for a profit.  There are certainly many other steps that are needed to make [...]

How to Find A Bandit Sign Putter Outter

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Question from Will in Antonio, TX What's Your Question for the M.O.B.? What is the best thing to say to absentee owners in my yellow letters that will get the highest response rate? How many bandit signs should I put out when first starting out? Where can I find someone [...]

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