Finally, a competent real estate virtual assistant [that you don’t have to train] that can start handling all of your administrative tasks TODAY

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  • 70 Hours of Training
  • Property M.O.B. Certified
  • Ready to Join your Team Now
  • Dependable and Efficient

Fellow Investor,

Imagine the reaction from your friends and spouse when you tell them you closed 10 deals last month, and only worked 15 hours!  You’ll leave everyone wondering how you did it.  Imagine now how many options will instantly open up for you.

My name is Tracy Caywood and for years I struggled with my real estate wholesaling business. I thought that noone could do the tasks as good as I could. So I did what every control freak investor would do. I did them all myself!  That is, until I grew up and realized that I could accomplish alot more if I just had some help.

That’s when I hired and trained a virtual assistant. She’s been with me for 4 years now and is the backbone of my real estate wholesaling business. With her help, I’ve been able to scale my business and start working in other markets, increasing my profits and closed transactions.

Now you, too, can have the same dream business setup.  All you need is a virtual assistant to start working on your team.  You actually CAN accomplish more by doing less!

Get Started with a Property MOB Virtual Assistant right now. 

Lead Generation

  • Direct Mail Management
  • Marketing Calendars
  • Mailing List Organization
  • Social Media Posts
  • Campaign Management
  • Live Chat Operator
  • Bandit Sign Campaigns


  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook and Social Media Marketing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Real Estate Flyers
  • CraigsList and Other Online Sites
  • Marketing Expenses


  • Research & Data Scraping
  • List Building
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Transaction Coordination
  • LIght Bookkeeping
  • Contract Preparation

The #1 Goal of the M.O.B. is to create a Bad Ass Real Estate Investors. One of the best ways to organize, automate and scale your business is with the help of a virtual assistant.

Each one of our virtual assistant graduates have been hand selected, personally trained, tested, and selected to be part of our team. They’ve all show commitment to work by being committed to the 70+ hours of our intense training, passed the quizzes with at least an 8-% pass rate, and have shown up on time, every day for work.

These are all benefits that you won’t find when you start your search for a real estate virtual assistant to add to your team.

We know how tough is it out there to find good help. That’s why we’ve done all of the frustrating up-front work for you.  All you have to do is look through our directory of assistants, choose your favorite one, and put them to work.

They’re demonstrated they’re dedication to their jobs.If you’ve thought about hiring a virtual assistant, then you’re probably very excited right now!

Answers To Your Questions..

We train and offer only the BEST of the BEST virtual assistants to our real estate investors. Every one of our associates have shown nothing but 100% commitment to the training, to their job, and to being the best MOB Associate that they can be.

We wouldn’t have anything other than the best on our team, and would expect you to want nothing less. When you understand the concept of outsourcing and automating as a real estate investor, then you’ve fully encompassed what it means to be a true entrepreneur.

The Property M.O.B. trains our virtual assistants to understand the business of real estate wholesaling and/or creative real estate investing.  Once hired, they’ll already have build a foundation with the knowledge they need to help your business succeed.

Once we receive your order for a Property M.O.B. Trained Associate (Virtual Assistant), we’ll contact you and let you know which Virtual Assistants are available. At that time you can review their profiles, watch their videos, review their test scores, and choose your favorite one!

Once you’ve chosen your Virtual Assistant, we’ll get your set up for the hourly billing. This will allow you to track their time, and see the visual screenshots while they work to ensure that you’re getting true value for your time!

Once your account is all set up, you’ll be connected with your Virtual Assistant to begin your working relationship.

Our virtual assistants are trained on the Godfather CRM (Zoho CRM) platform.  While they are most efficient on this CRM upon graduating, alot of our clients use Podio. The transition from these two systems is easy and smooth, as they’re similar in functionality.
We recruit and train all of our Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. Our first priority is for them to successfully complete our intense training with a minimum score of at least 80%.

Once they graduate, they provide a sample 60 second video that displays their English skill level.  We rate their English on a scale of 1 -5 Stars, with 5 star English being the best (hardly any accent).  Most of our graduates score an average of 3 Star English.  The ones with 5 Star English usually get claimed very fast, so if you see one, be sure to snag him/her, especially if you want them to make phone calls for you.

Our Virtual Assistant directory (which you’ll be able to review once you place your order) has all of our available virtual assistants bio along with their video.  You’re welcome to review each video and choose the assistant that will best fit your needs as an assistant.

Our training academy is 70+ hours of real estate investing knowledge and training that’s required of all of our graduates. This is so that they have a basic knowledge of the business and can understand their role as your assistant.

While they’re prepared to do many tasks, you’re welcome to train them so that they’ll fit well into your business model and be a valuable member of your team.

Yes, the virtual assistants can make phone calls. You will need to provide them with training/phone scripts for this.
No. If they did, they’d be considered Acquisition Managers and would be alot more expensive.

What Our Clients Say About our Virtual Assistants..

Luke Petrozza

My VA, Benjie is awesome. Pro-active, eager to learn, knowledgeable. I have tried to train a few VAs in the past myself with very mixed results. This is an invaluable aspect of having someone with the necessary qualifications to perform from the start. Thank you for the awesome setup and training that you provide for this to all happen. Rock on MOB!

Lawrence Roberts

The Virtual Assistants are awesome!

Steve Londeau

I have a MOB Virtual Assistant, and she is awesome. Eager, ready to work, knows what she’s doing, follows instructions, she’s great!

Shawn Bowen

Just had a 3 way phone call with my new MOB Associate (VA) which we set up two calls with people I knew, the first one was nice and the second one was a seller from HELL !!!! she loved it and did a great job.

VA Testimonial

My VA is a Rockstar…

My VA has taken on so many administrative tasks that now I have more time to work on lots of other projects. He is incredibly organized, professional with our clients on the phone and in email, eager to learn new things, and always in a good mood and he keeps me in check. Plus, he loves to work! He has been hugely important for running and growing our business.

Thanks again for connecting me with a great VA!

Thanks again!

Phil Robertson
Raleigh, NC

Phil Robertson

Multiple – but this is re: VA service

Wow. I was SO sick and tired of looking for a good VA. I’d place ads, respond to dozens of inquiries, find one I liked and hire them…. and then be completely disappointed and have to start all over. I did not have time or energy to train my VA properly.. I was too busy trying to get deals done. I hired a Property MOB VA that was trained very well. They were better at many tasks then I was. I’m SO happy I did hired them for this. I now have two mob trained VAs in my team. I’ve referred and recommended them to many people. I highly highly suggest if you’re thinking about it to STOP and just do it. Hire a property mob trained VA for your business. It’s one of he best decisions I ever made for my business.

Steve Londeau

Tracy’s Trained VA’s are the Best

My name is Rafi Mizrahi, I live in Israel and I am wholesaling houses in Cleveland Ohio. And Yes I am doing it from Israel

I was looking for A virtual assistant to help me with all the tasks that I hate doing and I saw as a waste of my time. Tasks that mostly do not generate immediate cash but helps to be organize in the office. Tasks that I did every day and each time I used to say to myself that I wish I had virtual assistant to do it like posting ads on Craigslist. 

One day I said enough, I have to hire. So I looked up for a virtual assistant in some sites and I realized that I have 2 options:
1. To Hire a virtual Assistant and train her with all the tasks and spend time teaching her about real estate and wholesaling

2. To hire a trained VA that was trained to understand real estate wholesaling and the tasks needed to be done in it.

One day I got an email from Tracy about new trained VAs ready to be hired.
I immediate jumped on the opportunity and hire Jen.

I am so glad I did it !!!!

I saved a lot of time on training.  Like I didn’t need to explain her how to get comps from Zillow, Or how to search for houses that the owner owns a lot in property taxes.  I am giving her tasks and she is doing it on autopilot.
Once a week I set her tasks for the week and check the status of the previous one.
Tracy trained VA’s are the best time saving.  And…they don’t cost much!!!

Thank you very much Tracy

Are you interested in a VA? Check out the details about or Virtual AssistantProgram and Hire the BEST

Rafi Mizrahi

$6.95 Hourly
30 Hours Per Week Minimum
$695 Startup Fee
Exclusive VA Assignment
Godfather CRM Included
$8.95 Hourly
20 Hours Per Week Minimum
$495 Startup Fee
Non-Exclusive VA Assignment
$9.95 Hour
10 Hours Per Week Minimum
$295 Startup Fee
Non-Exclusive VA Assignment