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The #1 Goal of the M.O.B. is to create a Bad Ass Real Estate Investors.  Each one of our virtual assistant graduates have been hand selected, personally trained, tested, and selected to be part of our team.They’ve all show commitment to work by being committed to the 60+ hours of training that’s required, and have shown up ON TIME, EVERY day for work.They’re demonstrated they’re dedication to their jobs.If you’ve thought about hiring a virtual assistant, then you’re probably very excited right now!

Each one of our hand picked and personally trained M.O.B. Associates have completed a minimum of 60 hours of training through the Property M.O.B.s Virtual Training Academy.When you make the decision to hire a M.O.B. Associate, you’ll review all of the candidates profiles, and select your favorite one.Your Virtual Assistant will be ready to get to work on any of the tasks that are shown below.  You can also train them to learn anything new that’s now shown on the list, and make suggestions as to what you’d like for the M.O.B. to teach them during their monthly live training calls.

Your virtual Assistant has a thorough understanding of the real estate investing business, specifically wholesaling, and have been given a thorough overview of the entire business. They’ve also passed multiple tests to demonstrate their understanding of the real estate investor’s business.

  • Understands the difference between assignments fees and Double HUD closings and can identify basic charges on a HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Order Bandit Signs, with specific fonts, and also knows how to get “More Bang For Your Buck” by ordering 2 signs for the price of 1. Can also order stakes.
  • Can recruit, hire, train, and monitor the production of a Bandit Sign Guy (someone who will put out your bandit signs)
  • Can create new accounts, new campaigns, and invite users to the SimpleCrew Application (for use of monitoring bandit Sign Campaigns)
  • Order and manage yellow letter marketing campaigns
  • Can build a comparable market analysis, using free/public websites, locating the 3-4 most comparable sales in the area and deliver that report in a PDF format.
  • Can setup a PatLive account and Port Google Voice numbers into PatLive
  • Can Pre-Screen Sellers over the telephone and interview them to collect important information about them and their property
  • Can create an account on ScheduleOnce, which is used for scheduling into other people’s calendars (Property Inspectors, investors, etc)
  • Can handle showing requests of properties, both vacant, tenant occupied and owner occupied
  • Monitor Zopim live chat, or other live chat software and can monitor the live activity of web visitors, with the goal in mind of capturing the visitor’s information and entering as a LEAD
  • Assist with the building of a buyers list with the use of bandit sign marketing, craigslist ads, marketing of properties, email autoresponders, and capturing the information of potential buyer leads that call or email for inquiries.
  • Handle post closing items, such as requesting testimonials, closing out transactions in CRM and on websites and maintaining records of closed properties.
  • Can fully navigate and use Godfather CRM as part of an essential tool to any successful real estate investing business.
  • Setup and create an email marketing campaigns using Zoho Campaigns, with the use of Broadcast Emails as well as autoresponder email sequences that will SYNC with Godfather CRM
  • Create and Install Facebook Tracking Pixels into any WordPress or Investor Carrot website
  • Search for public records, cross reference, and build a spreadhseet/mailing list that will include property owner, property address, and mailing adress
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  • Build a mailing list using a spreadsheet, and to include the necessary columns required to execute a direct mail campaign (Seller’s Name, Complete Mailing Address, and property address)
  • Cross reference data from a public records website and entering data into a spreadsheet for use in direct mail campaigns.
  • Use, share, and collaborate with other people in Google Drive
  • Use Google Voice accounts to make phone calls, receive incoming calls, and also how to setup Google Voice accounts
  • Knows how to create a postcard template for use in Click2Mail
  • Knows how to create a website on, how to add property listings to the website (using either the ClickSold website or the ClickSold Plugin), and how to update property listings.
  • Knows how to create custom web-to-lead forms from the Zoho CRM account and embed them into webpages. (To Generate Leads, Showing Requests, and online offers)
  • Knows how to handle new leads that are entered into the Zoho CRM system (including linking campaigns and finding the property on the Property appraiser website)
  • Knows how to recruit, hire, and train a Property Inspector for Virtual OR Local Property Inspections. Property Inspectors will use forms to report the condition of the house and take required photos of the house which will be uploaded into Dropbox
  • Prepare All Cash Contracts and Assignment of Contracts in Google Drive (exporting to PDF) and in Hello Sign.
  • Process front end contracts, order title work, Convert leads into Clients and Create New Transactions in Godfather CRM, update the records, make notes, create proposed closing day events, and attach documents
  • Coordinate the closings once a buyer has been received on a property, scheduling closings, requesting HUDS, communicating with buyer and seller, coordinating in calendars
  • Keep track of marketing campaigns, keeping details on how much money is being spent, how many pieces are being mailed, and what results are being derived from each campaign. Graduates can also handle the processing of follow up direct mail and making sure that the mail is being processed.
  • Pull Informative Reports that can be used by the real estate investor to review performance both on users in a CRM account, as well as marketing campaigns, amongst many other useful reporting
  • Create Contract templates in HelloSign.

Every month, the M.O.B. has a one hour personal training session with all of the M.O.B. Associates (Virtual Assistants).

Some of the most recent topics that they’re studying is Facebook advertising. This is a marketing technique that your V.A. can help you implement into your business to generate online buyer and seller leads.

They’re kept up to date with the latest technology, the coolest tools and the most effective techniques that they can use in your business.

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Here’s what people are saying

Luke Petrozza

Hi Tracy & Ezra,
I just wanted to update you guys for my VA, Benjie. He’s awesome. Pro-active, eager to learn, knowledgeable. I have tried to train a few VAs in the past myself with very mixed results. This is an invaluable aspect of having someone with the necessary qualifications to perform from the start.

Thank you both for the awesome setup and training that you provide for this to all happen.
Rock on MOB!

Hire One Of Our Virtual Assistants

A MOB Associate is a virtual Assistant who has been personally trained by the Property M.O.B.. These associates have earned a certificate of Graduation from the M.O.B. that qualifies them to hold the title of a MOB Associate.
Not everyone of our applicants makes it through the Virtual Assistant Training Academy. In fact, only 40% of all candidates that apply to become Property M.O.B. Associates survive.We train and offer only the BEST of the BEST virtual assistants to our real estate investors. Every single one of our associates have shown nothing but 100% commitment to the training, to their job, and to being the best MOB Associate that they can be.We wouldn't have anything other than the best on our team, and would expect you to want nothing less.When you understand the concept of outsourcing and automating as a real estate investor, then you've fully encompassed what it means to be a true entrepreneur.Using a virtual assistant will allow you to free yourself up from any and all of the administrative tasks that are all required and part of being a real estate investor.
Once we receive your order for a Property M.O.B. Trained Associate (Virtual Assistant), we'll contact you and let you know which Virtual Assistants are available. At that time you can review their profiles, watch their videos, review their test scores, and choose your favorite one!Once you've chosen your Virtual Assistant, we'll get your set up for the hourly billing. This will allow you to track their time,and see the visual screenshots while they work to ensure that you're getting true value for your time!Once your account is all set up, you'll be connected with your Virtual Assistant to begin your working relationship.You're business will suddenly become ALOT easier!
The training fee is a nominal fee that you pay to eliminate all of the time and hassle you would normally have to deal with when start the journey of recruiting, hiring, and training your new V.A.Our V.A's have over 60 hours of personalized M.O.B. training, and are ready to start work for you today.