Discover Hundreds of Automation Techniques that will Help You Automate 99% of Your Real Estate Business and Earn MORE Profit than if You Were Doing It All Yourself!


My Fellow Real Estate Investor,
Have you been thinking about how to automate your real estate wholesaling business?  If so, then this is the event for you!
I’ll be hosting a LIVE Online Streaming Training Event for every real estate investor who is looking for training on this topic. I’ve been wholesaling real estate since 1998, and have over 700 closed transactions in my bed post.
In 2006, I became interested in having other people do some of the repetitive tasks that needed to be done in order to generate seller leads while I focused on negotiating deals and selling properties.  That’s when I hired my first Virtual Assistant.
Since then, it has snowballed into a fully automated real estate wholesaling business. During this special LIVE streaming training event, you’re going to learn how you can do the very same thing.You’ll prefer the live online streaming training for many reasons:
  • No Travel Expenses
  • No Hotel Expenses
  • Learn these powerful techniques and systems right from your home or office
  • Start implementing what you learn immediately. you don’t have to wait until you get home!
  • Ask the trainer questions during the event and get answers on the spot! 

That’s right!  While the training class is taking place, simply write down questions that you have about the topic that’s being covered.  Once each segment is  over, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers in REAL TIME! [You’re not able to do this at any live “in person” seminar].

If you’re like most investors, you get totally pumped when you attend an exciting event, and want to start taking action right away!   With the live streaming seminar, you’ll be able to do that.

The last time I hosted an all day [online] event was this first quarter of 2014.  Over 200 people attended, and viewed the LIVE streaming training event right from the comfort of their homes and offices.

You’ll have an entire day JAM PACKED full of nothing but pure content, covering each and every fragment of how to automate your real estate wholesaling business.  Training day will start with the fascinating topic of “Generating Motivated Seller Leads on Auto Pilot”.

As we move through the day, you’ll virtually move through the entire process of wholesaling a property ON AUTO PILOT, learning ways you can run your entire real estate business by outsourcing and automation. This training is event done in the exact order that a real estate deal happens.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran wholesaler, this training is promised to deliver some skills and hacks that you’ve never seen before!

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Real Estate Wholesaling Automation 2.0 LIVE, the MOB’s Online Streaming Seminar. Register today and CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR for this powerful event.

See you on Training Day!


There’s so much content packed into the “Buying Houses on Auto Pilot” segment, that we have to carry it over into the second half of the day!  After all, generating sellers leads and analyzing deals properly is the most important part of every real estate investor’s business. So we’ll spend alot of time reviewing the system for TOTALLY automating this process.
  • [Segment 1] Generate Seller Leads – Put the most essential part of your success into auto pilot. Never run out of seller leads again when you learn how to do it in your sleep. This segment will reveal:
    • The BEST lists of motivated seller that you should be targeting and how to choose them
    • What lists you shouldn’t waste your money on, and why
    • How to create a marketing calendar so your assistant can handle your marketing campaigns with no questions
    • How to keep track of expenses, campaign data, and profits without ever making a key stroke.
    • How to analyze your campaigns once per month to  keep your business 100% profitable and have the highest ROI.
  • [Segment 2] Pre-Screen Sellers – You should only be talking to the sellers who’ve passed the pre-screening test. Learn how to cherry pick your sellers by putting the dreadful pre-screening process in auto mode.
    • What method you should use to handle incoming seller calls
    • How to ensure that you NEVER lose a seller lead, and that they NEVER fall through the cracks
    • How to determine how much each person that calls is worth (even if they hang up or cuss you out)
    • How to have all of the due diligence done for you BEFORE you ever analyze a deal
  • [Segment 3]  Online and Offline Marketing – Discover multiple marketing methods that you can have done for you automatically that are effective both offline AND online! Generate MORE AND MORE seller leads.
    • How to monetize your website and turn it into a money making machine without PPC ads!
    • How to get Bandit Signs Printed, assembled, placed, and verified while you sleep!
    • How to have a social media presence, even if you’re socially or technologically challenged.
    • How to create a social media campaign that build brand awareness and creates trust with sellers that will have them choosing you over your competition.
  • [Segment 4] Follow Up with Sellers – The money is in the follow up. With the automation follow up system in this training you can “set and forget” about your sellers. They’ll resurface when they’re ready to sell you their house!
    • How to Move Your Sellers into a Follow Up System that WORKS and forget about them FOREVER
    • How to maintain consistent communication with your hot, warm and cold leads automatically
    • How to create a follow up system that will covert more sellers into deals and why they will choose YOU over your competition.
  • [Segment 5] Closing Deals With Sellers – Don’t be afraid to close the deals! This is where the rubber hits the road. Once you’re done negotiating a killer price, the automation system takes it from there. Contracts get written, title work is ordered, and you’re on your way to a closing table.
    • Hate writing contracts? Me too!  Learn how to get your contracts written with one click of a button.
    • How to get the essential details of a closing started, without having to do it yourself.
In the “Selling Houses on Auto Pilot” segment, you’ll discover how to pre-screen buyers and let the cream rise to the top. From the 15 point marketing checklist all the way to closing and post closing, this training will reveal everything that you need to be able to automate the process of selling houses and getting your deals to the closing table with LITTLE TO NO EFFORT on your part.
  • [Segment 6] Generate Buyer Leads – Cash buyers are required in order to make for fast closings and easy trips to the closing table. IN our live event , you’ll learn how to find REAL qualified cash buyers for your deals.
    • How to weed out tire kickers and “daisy chainers”.
    • How to clean up your buyers list once a year to make sure you keep a quality list of people that don’t waste your time and play by your rules.
    • How to generate buyers leads and build your list, without little to no effort on your part.
  • [Segment 7] Pre-Screen Buyers – Implement an easy system to weed out the tire kickers and wanna be’s.
    • The 2 amazing criteria filters that you should REQUIRE to keep the tire kickers of your buyer’s list.
    • Warning signs that your buyers aren’t serious, and need to get the WHACK!
    • How to create a VIP buyers list, and a “secondary” buyers list – and how this will help sell your properties at lightning speed.
  • [Segment 8]  Digital Buyer Management – Stop answering the phone and giving out directions to the houses! Create an auto pilot buyer management system that will work on YOUR time, and document everything that’s happening with your properties.
    • How to create a digital showing request system that keeps track of showings and interested buyers.
    • Create a method for your buyers to submit their offers directly into your system and send you a notification when an offer has been received.
    • Keep track of exact offer details from your buyers in case you need to go back to your sellers to renegotiate deals.
  • [Segment 9] Contracts and Closings – No more haggling with buyers about closing dates and HUD’s! Put that on auto pilot.
    • Discover how to get the contract prepared and sent to your buyer for signatures.
    • How to handle earnest money deposits from buyers so that you aren’t being haggled.
    • How to arrange and schedule closings with your buyers without ever talking to them.  Just wake up in the morning and see the closing scheduled in your calendar!
    • how to keep your buyer and seller separated at closing without paying for DOUBLE CLOSINGS!
  • [Segment 10] Post Closing – You’re work isn’t done just yet!   Find out how to wrap these deals up and record them in the books forever.
    • How to create a paperless filing system for your files, and keep the required documentation in your system.
    • How to get testimonial letters from every seller that you close a deal with, without ever meeting them in person or attending the closings
    • How to add testimonial letters to your credibility kit without ever knowing how to edit a PDF!
    • How to keep track of profit, statistics, and business performance and only review your metrics once per month


Your Fellow Real Estate Investors Who Have Been Through the Training Say This..

Pure content. No Cigarette breaks! SMH Tracy Caywood is an animal. 60 pages of notes and screens hots. My head is numb. If you had any fear or attachments to doing it yourself, after this training, you’ll sleep well at night now. I know I will..
William Gentry
Tracy, I’ve learned some insane shit from you
Christina Schottenbauer
The information shared here isn’t valuable at all, its INVALUABLE to say the least! Tracy Caywood is CRUSH-ING it.
Iman Yusef-Yahya
That got me saying “WOW”, After attending this event, I feel like I wanna be her best friend so I could learn everything that she does.
Celine Mugabe Johnson
I don’t think there are any words to explain what Tracy is doing. Amazing and Outstanding!
Amy Ellis
Tracy is awesome. That is all! Now I’ve got some work to do.
Glenn Williams
The information was invaluable! Very easy to grasp and easy to implement. You really helped clear some things up for me in the business.
Audrey Truesdale
YES! Definitely lots of good info.
Bille Hill
I’m very impressed with the information being shared. Awesome Job!
Alex Hart
True Stuff. Amazing Content and Great Value.
Audrey Lesesne
Wow, She just blew my mind.
Brian Cortez
Thank you, Tracy! The training was awesome. Exceptional content and easy to understand. You should do them more often.
Laurie Johnson
ClearLice-Guaranteed-Money-BackYou can feel safe with this decision knowing that if you’re not satisfied with the content that’s delivered during Real Estate Wholesaling Automation 2.0 LIVE, for any reason (or no reason at all), you’ll be entitled to 100% refund of the money that you paid for the event.