Do You Need Some Help Automating
Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business?
For Busy Real Estate Wholesalers Who Want to Focus on Closing More Deals and Outsourcing Those Time Sucking Tasks FOREVER, "The Key" is The Only Proven System That Can Automate Your Business in Just 5 Weeks!

So if you're serious about automating your real estate wholesaling business, then you can register now for the Automation Training for you and your V.A. 
  • Personal Training Provided by a VETERAN Wholesaler (Tracy Caywood) and her assistant who has automated her business and wholesales properties in 2 major real estate markets, all with only 5 hours of actual work per week.
  • Weekly Group Implementation Calls (for 5 weeks)
  • Closed Facebook Group to Ask Questions and Get Further Guidance
  • Your very own pre-Trained M.O.B. Virtual Assistant assigned to you that KNOWS THE SYSTEM and is ready to start working with you  ( $hourly rate applies)
  • Your real estate business will be fully automated in 5 weeks with complete training
  • Godfather CRM provided to you FREE of CHARGE (you only pay the monthly subscriber fee)
"This is one of the few programs that actually produces real results."
We've been getting a stream of leads that are going directly into our CRM. OMGOSH!! You're thought of everything and it's all right at my fingertips. Your program is awesome!
Richard McCray, Baton Rouge LA
"I'm hitting snooze on the alarm clock a few more times"
The course is fun and easy to understand. I wouldn't be able to implement this on my own without your instructions that have been broken down into five minute tasks. It's to the point where I'm handing over the "to do" list to my VA and hitting snooze on the alarm a few more times."
Corey Young
"I wanted to tell you how thankful I am
for the key training program that you offer. "
I have been doing real-estate investing for a while now and racking my head working countless hours to get deals done until I found your program! All I can say is that there is nothing like being able to make the same amount of or more money and only have to spend 1/8th of the time doing so.. Going through this program, I completely understand the reasoning behind the cost. There is a ton of hard work that went in to your program and dealing with all my questions can’t be easy, but I want you to know that You have truly given me the feeling of having an actual business that runs its self and gives me the time I was looking for from the start to spend with my family and for that I am truly grateful! I love having the freedom and time to do whatever I want! Thank you SO much!!!!!
Justin Norton
"I’m already seeing great results!"
1900139_10202701910542591_1562178663_n-1Tracy’s program "The Key" , on Automating your business was truly what I was looking for and it is even better than I expected when I found out what all the program can do for me. I've been doing this business for a while now and I was so happy to find someone that truly understands not only on flipping houses, but how to organize, scale and pull a business together by using teams and work flow task management tools. I’m already seeing great results! Thanks again!
Phil Robertson
Fast Paced, In Your Face Training that GET RESULTS
There's no denying that I don't kid around. If its' one thing I like to eliminate from my life, it's wasted time and being haggled. And I'm going to do the same thing for you!

Once you've completed "The Key" Implementation Program, your real estate wholesaling business will live in a new dimension. There won't be any more haggling with those tasks that drive you crazy. You're going to build an infrastructire for your company that will change your life and your bottom line.

When you eliminate minutia from your life, you have tine to focus on more things that MAKE YOU MONEY! That might be negotating with more sellers, taking a long vacation with your family, or it might be starting a new business venture that you've been thinking about. Whatever your reason for wanting to automate your real estate business, I've got you covered!
Module 1: Introduction to Virtual Assistants, Teams, and Business Automation 
Module 1 brings must excitement you'll meet your Personal (Pre-Trained) Virtual Assistant and start building the communication bridge. Since the automation of the lead generation is a critical part of the success of your business, you'll start organizing your company, create your direct mail automation process, and learn the roles of your team that will ensure a constant flow of motivated seller leads.  

Virtual Assistant Assignment - Meet your virtual assistant and create a workday schedule.   The tools to use to stay in contact will be suggested, and you can start to communicate immediately. 

Godfather CRM - By the start of Module 1, you'll have your CRM account customized specifically for the automation training. Take the time in Module 1 to setup and organize your company and team structure to make sure that your details and access are clear.
Incoming Seller Calls - Learn and implement the ultimate way to have your seller calls handled, and have the leads go directly into the CRM system for you and your team to begin the workflow.
Shared Company Documents - Learn and implement the best system for creating, filing and collaborating on documents and spreadsheets.  Create a filing system for your mailing lists.
Marketing Budget - You'll learn how to develop a marketing budget and a marketing plan that is predictable and maintainable month after month. After Module 1, you will ditch your old ways of chaos and confusion and adopt a new, most efficient ways of managing your marketing campaigns. 
Module 2: Marketing , Marketing, and More Marketing on Auto Pilot

Module 2 will introduce the Marketing Calendar, the One Click Contract Preparation system, a "Set and forget" follow up system for your sellers, and begin building your team of big players that will be your "boots on the ground" to handle the time consuming inspections and field work that you shouldn't be doing in the first place! 
Learn how to store all of those photos of properties, how to get those signs put out without ever leaving the sofa, how your assistant can virtually and safely pay all of your vendors, and how to get instant comparable sales data populate in your CRM!!

Direct Mail Machine - Automate Your Direct Mail Campaigns so the leads NEVER STOP. When you're ready to kick it up a notch, just give your VA the word! In Module 2, we'll complete the process of getting every single seller lead seamlessly entered into your CRM. 
Live Chat on Website - Your assistant will study and install a FREE Live Chat software onto your seller website. The primary function of this software it to capture leads that may otherwise leave your site without leaving the site.

Silent Pre-Screening System - pre-screen your sellers without ever talking to them (don't worry, your VA will take care of this)

Bandit Sign Bandit - Discover how to get bandit Signs put out in your area (or any other area) totally incognito. You'll never have to get in your car and drive around again on a Friday night

Contract Ninja - When the seller has agreed to your offer,with just the click of a button, your assistant will use this fail proof system to create an all cash contract, and request signatures from your sellers via digital signatures. There's also the option to receive it PDF!

Follow Up Machine -  Even if the seller has told you to go to hell, this automated follow up system will prompt sellers will contact YOU when they're ready to sell their house to you. EVEN if its been 6 months since you last talked.
Module 3: Selling Houses on Auto Pilot
In week 3, you'll build a solid system for selling houses on auto pilot:

» Generate Buyer Leads – Learn how to generate qualified cash buyers for your deals using online and offline techniques. Your V.A. will be building your buyers list while you sleep!

» Pre-Screen Buyers – Implement an easy electronic system designed to weed out the tire kickers and wanna be’s. ONLY the CREAM buyers will rise to the top (as they should).

» Build the Perfect Buyers List – Never be at a loss for a cash buyer again. Learn to create a system that will push buyers right into your funnel without any effort on your part.

» Digital Showing Requests – Stop answering the phone and giving out directions to the houses! You’ll make an online showing request form for buyers to fill out and see the house without interrupting The Walking Dead. Once recieved, your VA can handle the showing remotelty without ever bothering you!

» Electronic Offers – Train your buyers to submit their offers online using your new electronic offers module. This method pre-screens out alot of buyers, and you can deal with only the seriou

» Closing Coordination – No more haggling with buyers about closing dates and HUD’s! Don't worry about the administrative tasks that are required tro close a transaction (ordering title work, coordinating closings, title issues, mail aways, etc). Put that ish on auto pilot.
Module 4: All Systems Check
In Our Final Week of Implementation Training, we'll run through your system, making sure that all of the components are in place and in working order.

We'll go through an entire mock transaction with you and your VA so you can see your new system in action!

If there are any live questions, tasks that haven't been completed, or final thoughts on The Key, we'll handle them in Week 4.
Module 5

FREE BONUS: One Hour of One-on-One Consulting
I’m adding a FREE BONUS. One Hour of One on One Consulting with Tracy Caywood($500 Value).

Since this is group training session, you may not get the opportunity to talk to me one on one like you’d like. That’s why I’m adding a ONE HOUR consulting phone call as a FREE BONUS!
"The Key" Implementation Coaching Program
"The Key" is the only program available to real estate investors that walks you through the automation process step by step, and has an implementation program attached that will make sure your business is automated in just 30 days!

(Here’s How the Training program works)

Our training group will meet 2 times per week.

During our live coaching calls together, I'll be reviewing the system, and explaining what needs to be implemented this week to make sure that your real estate business is in FULL AUTO PILOT mode.

Each call will last 1.5 - 2 hours and I’ll explain everything in great detail, and you’ll also be given video instructions and full access to a members only website that will show you all of the things that you need to implement that week.

Our training session with be recorded so that you can refer to that video during the week if needed),when you’re implementing your tasks.

All of the training is broken down into little bite sized chunks so that you can complete the tasks and implement the system easily.

You'll have access to our Zoho Projects account, where you can see your tasks for The Key, as well as the tasks that your Virtual Assistant is working on. You'll use this interface as a method to communicate and collaborate with your new V.A. as well as me and my team.

HERE'S THE BEST PART: You're only job will be the learn your new system and MICRO MANAGE your virtual assistant! You can watch everything unfold and see it in full performance mode almost instantly!

Automation is made possible through the use of a virtual assistant and software, but don't let that stop you! You're going to get your very own personal virtual assistant and a CRM that's required to make all of this happen.

Each one of our Virtual Assistants have 60+ hours of training on The Key and are fully trained to tackle every set up, implementation item, and execution of the program.

You'll basically be learning how your new system works while your Virtual Assistant manages everything.
The Best Customer Support The M.O.B. Has To Offer
As "The Key" Implementation Member, you'll be able to contact our Support team via email, chat, phone and our Special :Members Only" Facebook group.

These folks know exactly how The Key works and will explain how to solve whatever problem you're having. If they don't have an answer right away, they'll find one and get you back on the road to success as quickly as possible.

You'll love The Secret [Members Only] Facebook Page for Members of The Key Implementation Program. Once inside, you’ll be able to communicate with other trainees that are participating in The Key Implementation Program, as well as those who have completed the program.

You can ask questions, get answers, and even collaborate further on creative ideas to help your automated business grow and prosper!
Be One of the Few Investors Who Run Your Business LIke a TRUE BUSINESS