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  • The Right 5 Questions to Ask - After talking to thousands of sellers, I've perfected the skill of asking them the exact questions to get them to reveal their true motivation. In "What to Say to Sellers', you'll learn what those five questions are.
  •  How to Overcome Objections - It's very common for sellers to have many objections to both your questions and your offers.  They're basically the same set of objections over and over and over.  When you download "What to Say To Sellers, you'll quickly learn what those objections are and how to respond to the sellers when they bring them up. 
  • How to Make them Reveal their BOTTOM DOLLAR - Some sellers can be very protective about the amount of money that they'll accept for their house. They typically state a higher number as their asking price than what they'll eventually accept.  With "What to Say To Sellers" , you'll be given the secret sauce formula to know exactly how to get the sellers to reveal their bottom line to you in literally a few seconds!! 

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