$1000 Real Estate Investor Marketing Plan

Sometimes, all you have is $1000 to invest in your real estate investing business. What will you spend it on? Which are the best marketing campaigns for you to spend your money on? Most new investors are nervous about spending any money at all on lead generation. That’s understandable. Once you get to the realization that you must spend money on marketing to sustain any level of consistency in the real estate investing business, you’ll want to have a plan.

The $1000 Real Estate Investor Marketing plan is a great pre-written campaign that you can use as a guideline for generating leads. It’s well-diversified, so you’re not putting all of your eggs into one basket. It was compiled by a veteran real estate wholesaler who has tested numerous marketing campaigns. After 22 years of trials and tribulations, a simple marketing campaign always wins.

Review the $1000 Marketing plan and stop scratching your head wondering where to start. It will give you examples on how much to allocate to each channel and get your train in motion.

real estate investor marketing plan

If you’d like to know what mailing lists you should be mailing to with your $1000, then check out the Top 3 Mailing Lists!

In this course you’ll learn how to select, filter and condense your mailing lists into the highest converting leads imaginable!

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