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20,000 Clams – First Wholesale Deal

20,000 Clams on my First Wholesale Deal!

(The Real Journey of Eric Braham- From Police Officer to Real Estate Wholesaler)

In the entire year of 1999, I earned about 12,000 bucks.  I worked my ass off for that money.  My uncle had a commercial landscaping business and I worked 7 days a week around my full-time college classes.  I’d go to an afternoon class stinking of mowed grass and lawnmower exhaust because I had to go work from 7:30 a.m. until just before my class and then take off for school.  My girlfriend would ask why I had to work 7 days a week.  I can remember her finally convincing me to take my first Sunday off in forever, and how bizarre it felt to just do nothing.  I graduated in May 1999 and continued to work for his company until I was hired as a cop.

That next year, 2000, I made triple my income, just about $36,000 working as a police officer.  I thought I was goddamn Bill Gates.  Expenses stayed the same, income through tha’roof.    That was a crazy good feeling.  I remember being amazed that my cousins and siblings, still working for the landscaping company were busting their asses every day and I now got to ride around in an air conditioned car and get paid to write a ticket or make an arrest or JUST sit there and do nothing!!  I was dumbfounded that I didn’t go home covered in dirt and the police department was paying me 3 times what I would have done it for.

Fast forward 13 years and many bills later.

I just closed my first wholesale deal and got a check for 20,500 dollars.  (500 bucks was my EMD, so it’s really 20k)  Holy Fuck!  I’m Bill Gates again.  20 stacks!  I’m rich biiiiiitch.  It’s a weird feeling making 20k for signing some papers and making some phone calls.  I’ll go into more details in the next few posts on how the deal came together, lessons learned, and how I got paid.

Every cop is dependent on overtime.  You’ve seen the cops sitting in a movie theater parking lot, church, liquor store, or some other spot.  They’re usually working some type of supplemental job to cover their bills.  My overtime over the past few years came from having to go to court.  So, for fun, I figured out how much I would make from one usual court overtime appearance.  (I’m using figures based on all pre-tax calculations).  By making 20k for about 8 hours of actual work, I equaled about 123 court appearances.  That’s about as much overtime as I could make in a year.  123 days of driving back and forth to court and sitting there bored out of my mind, shrunk down to 8 hours of work.

Again……….Holy Fuck!  Real Estate actually works.  All those post of people saying how they made those easy checks are actually real?!?!  I can do this.  I am on the path to reaching my goals.  Now it’s just a matter of rinse & repeat.  I wish that 20k was cash I could do whatever I want with, but it’s going towards bills and right back into marketing & automating.  Tracy & have shown me the way.  Now I just need to take the lessons and advice laid out for me and put them into play.

7 thoughts on “20,000 Clams – First Wholesale Deal”

  1. any secrets on bandit signs? i put mine out this weekend and i got one call and it was from the police station saying there destrying my sign lol

  2. Great Story!

    I dont understand about the fake name though is there a privacy concern or a problem being an active police officer and investor at the same time?

  3. Reef – All secondary income is supposed to be approved by the chief. I also wanted to be able to speak my mind freely. Most cops are pretty conservative & resistant to change (shocker) so I wanted to pursue trying to kill my job without any neg brushback. I also do some REI at work so don't need anybody ratting me out!

    Tks Clive & Toska

    Eric – I'm still learning with bandit signs. I put out 100 a few weeks ago and got 4 calls from cops & code enforcement. One cop even faked like he was a seller in one voicemail and then a few hours later told me he was a cop and was going to try and arrest me. If he only knew haaa. I'll put a post up about it soon.

    Tks everyone for commenting!

  4. Marcia Burgos-Stone

    My husband is a cop and I know some cops are very private. They are out there making people mad every day. :p

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