MARKETING…….MARKETING…….oh and some more fucking MARKETING.

Location has been played out for far too long.  If you don’t market you die.

Some months have been better than others, but I’ve made effort every single month.  Well yesterday I had one of those moments when you feel you got smacked in the head with a brick.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard some form of, ‘you must take massive and constant action’.  I’ve heard and read it from so many podcasts and mentors and fellow real estate investors that its power has been kind of washed away.  Like when you greet someone you see regularly and ask, ‘hey how are ya?’  You never really want to hear how someone is really doing.  It’s just a figure of speech.  I should get MASSIVE AND CONSTANT ACTION tattooed on the back of my hands so I never forget.  When I don’t give 1000% my leads and future paydays are directly impacted.

Well yesterday as I sat down to do some REI stuff at my desk, I looked at my current prospects.  2.  Two.  Just 2 fucking current quasi-leads.  Fuck me.  The blame lies right here.  I’ve got 2 probate deals I’m in negotiations with that, IF they work out, they could be a good pay day.  But that’s all I’ve got.  My phone isn’t ringing with new leads.

My marketing must increase.  I must get calls every day.  Thanks to Tracy’s bandit sign trick I bought 300 18”x24” signs and will cut them in half and have 600.  Then my plan is to put out 100 per week for the next 6 weeks.  I’ve been working on mastering Zoho and really knowing how to keep track of my mailings, but that needs work.  I’m recommitting myself to really busting my ass to get my phone ringing.  This is a numbers game.  I’ve got so few leads that I find myself trying to hope and pray that this person accepts my offer.  I NEED to create more leads so when it’s not a true motivated seller I can move them to the side and make way for the seller who is begging me to buy their house.  I’ll report back on this topic in 90 days and let you know what the exact results are.  How many times my phone rang.  How many bandit signs I put out.  How many sellers I talked to.  How many letters I mailed.  I’ll keep track and document the process and I know I’ll be in a better position in 90 days.  If not I deserve a good ol’fashioned DICK PUNCH.