Hiring a virtual assistant is a monumental time in every real estate investor’s life. It means that you’ve gotten to the level that requires the assistance of someone else.  Someone who can help you with all of your administrative tasks, help automate your direct mail campaigns, market your properties, and help with closing coordination.

I hired my first real estate virtual assistant 5 years ago, and he is still on my team. I hired him to take care of my Probate campaign, and make sure that I had all of the data that I needed every month and also to make sure that the letters went out.   Five years later, he is still on my team. He still does the same task.  I consider him an asset.

Hiring a virtual assistant  is no easy task.  In fact, I’ve seen many investors have bad luck choosing the right person to work in their team.

I hired a full time real estate administrative assistant 2 years ago. if you’ve ever bought any of the MOB’s products or services then you’ve certainly corresponded with her. Her name is Ezra.  She is also very valuable to me and my business.

On the other side of the coin, I’ve had some bad experiences, as well. I’ve hired and fired at least 50 virtual assistants during the process of trying to find a good one.  Today, I’m going to share with you 7 Things that you should know about hiring a real estate virtual assistant.

  • Virtual Assistants are normal people. They aren’t super human. They aren’t robots. They have lives just like we do. They celebrate their own holidays just like we do. They need time to adjust to your way of doing things. Remember that they’re only human, and expect them to make some mistakes in the beginning. Be patient and communicate with your virtual assistant, and you’ll build a relationship that will last a long time.
  • Learning the Real Estate Business isn’t simple. Try to remember how it was for you once you got started in the business. Was it overwhelming? Yes, it was. Now imagine trying to jump right in the middle of things, and be expected to handle administrative tasks and get things done without having any knowledge. Provide your real estate virtual assistant with some information on the type of business that you’re in, what your business model is, and what type of work he/she will be doing.
  • A $5.00 (USD) hourly wage is good income in the Philippines. Don’t feel bad for paying your Philippine Virtual Assistant $4.00 – $7.00 per hour. The cost of living is much different there, and $5.00 (USD) goes a long way. If you’re planning on hiring a U.S. assistant, then you can expect to pay $15 – $20 for decent help.
  • Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can do anything that can be done from a computer. They can also do the tasks as well as you can, given enough time and training.
  • You MUST be patient and willing to train your new real estate virtual assistant. Adding a virtual assistant to your team is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. understand that you’ll have to be patient and understanding while your new V.A. is learning the ropes. As with any new employee, they need guidance from you. Don’t be the dickhead that fires them over one or two mistakes. Instead, review your instructions and make sure that they’re written with clear and exact information. Most of the time, the problem isn’t them at all. It’s you.
  • All of your training material should be in written and video format. This rule applies whether you’re hiring a real estate virtual assistant to handle one task for you, or to manage all of your admin tasks. They need written and video format instructions and tutorials. This is the BEST practice for anyone considering this. When you’re preparing the instructions, don’t have the “curse of knowledge”. Write each step of the process in full detailed instructions, so that your virtual assistant has a reference point. He/she will need something to refer to if they’re brand new. Also, if you have to replace your virtual assistant in the future, you’ll already have the training instructions available. Think of it as an employee training manual. Invest your time in creating this manual and thank me later.
  • Show appreciation to your virtual assistant. If they’re doing a good job for you, give them a bonus. If you close a real estate transaction and make a profit, give them a bonus. Or give them a bonus just for putting up with you. $50 – $100 is a good sized bonus and it makes them feel like they’re appreciated and a valuable part of your team.

I hope you find these tips helpful when the time comes to hire a real estate virtual assistant.  I don’t know what I’d do without mine. Maybe crumble to the ground, I don’t know. I’d certainly go a little crazy, drink a little too much, cry a few times during the day, and wish that I didn’t have to do everything that a real estate investor has to do to be successful.

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