I’ve been doing wholesale deals for 15 years, and to be honest, have been perfectly content with my business model. Until I discovered wholetailing, that is!   Read this article about a wholetail deal I closed recently.

You see, whole-tailing is a different exit strategy.  It’s one that will have you converting MORE seller leads into DEALS, by simply learning this one simple technique.

The nice thing about whole-tail deals is that you can offer the seller a HIGHER price for their house, resulting in MORE CLOSED DEALS for you!!

Discover How to Convert Sellers into Wholetail Deals and Start Bringing Home the CHEESE!

Real Estate Wholetailing HousesOn December 17, 2013 – the MOB interviewed a Special Guest Robert Draiss! He’s going to reveal the techniques and strategies that he uses to get loads of wholetail deals done and CLOSED!

I’m excited about this interview, because wholetailing is fairly new to me. I’ve already implemented this technique several times, and closed deals with nice checks.  In fact, I have one that’s getting ready to close right now!

But to cut out the learning curve, I want to hear from the man who KNOWS what’s up!

We discovered:

  • What Marketing Strategies to Use to Attract Wholetail Sellers
  • How to Tell the Difference between a Wholesale Deal and a Wholetail Deal RIGHT AWAY!
  • How Much Money You’re Giving Away by NOT using this Strategy
  • What Types of Buyers Are Looking for Wholetail Deals
  • How to Avoid and Closing “Hangups” with Lenders
  • and More!!!

I know you’re excited about this interview!  I AM TOO!!!  You might even hear me squealing right now!

This interview is only available to Premium Members of the M.O.B. – but I’m going to hook you up RIGHT NOW because I want you to hear this!!!!

You can cancel at any time, but you should at least get in now to hear this live training event and learn how to Wholetail some DEALS!!! $$$