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She talks so fast it’s hard to understand, but she is PISSED, I say. This one is mine… She came from a Quit Claim Deed Mailing List. HAHA. She likes the “F” word as much I do, so if you have sensitive little ears, don’t push play.

Angry Seller: Have a Blessed Day Mother Fucker

Every time I get a new Angry Seller call, I can’t decide which one is the best. This one is off the chain hilarious! He is so mad about him sending his mom a postcard, but then tells us to have a blessed day AND a blessed night! ROFL. I wish I got one of these calls every day.

Angry Seller: Seller Threatens to Call Police and FBI

Thanks to Blake Copeland for his contribution to my Angry Seller Calls Arsenal!!

Angry Seller: Save Me Some Money

I don’t know which type of marketing people dislike most, yellow letters or bandit signs. But this seller would like it if we relocate the sign placement, to save him some money! HAHA Thanks to Ben Freeze Fry for this angry Seller Contribution.

Angry Seller: You’re a lot of shit

The M.O.B. loves Angry Seller calls. To us, they’re hilarious.  Here’s one that was sent in by our friend Jim (Thank you, BTW!).   Jim is alot of shit, apparently.

ANGRY SELLER: In Your Ass Sideways

This file is courtesy of KYLE SWEENEY from Florence KY

ANGRY SELLER: Marketing is Now Disorderly Conduct

Thank you for this Angry Seller Call contribution by “Rock Star Realty” . This seller taught me something today. He taught me that he can press charges for “disorderly conduct” for marketing to him. HAHA  People are such dumbasses. Listen to this message.

Be patient and let the audio load up when you hit play…it will work!! Just be patient.

ANGRY SELLER: I’ll Shoot You in the Head

WARNING: Explicit Language and Violence. This one will actually kill you.. WTF.

Angry Seller: Go to Hell Mother F**R

WARNING: This guy says FUCK ALOT!  If you’re offended by vulgarities, then don’t push play. Me, on the other hand, I think this is the BEST Angry Seller call yet.  Thank you SO MUCH to Blake Copeland for the contribution.  This one seriously made my day.

Angry Seller: She Might Have to Live in A Tree

People come up with the craziest shit, I tell ya.  This one is pretty funny. She thinks she might have to live in a tree, or some other interesting places. HAHA thanks for this contribution to the Angry Seller Call Arsenal, Robert Draiss!!!

Angry Seller: This One is Tremendously Offended

Let’s not offend a seller by telling them we want to buy their house. GHEEZ. You’d think people would be flattered.

Thank you to Jaime Rocha for contributing this call to the Angry Seller Library!

Angry Seller: Get a Real Job

I don’t know if this clown had a house for sale or not…he was just mad at the world.

Angry Seller: I Buy Horses

Not I buy Houses, I but I Buy Horses. HaHaHa. This guy isn’t as pissed off as I would like them to be, but it’s still funny. Thanks again to Blake Copeland for the contribution to the Angry Seller Call Gallery!

ANGRY SELLER: Seller from Russia Afraid to Live in the House

Compliments of Blake Copeland. Thanks, again, Blake!! Do you have an angry seller call? Send it to the MOB so everyone can have a good laugh. How do you deal when an angry seller calls? We’ve got some advice on Making Offers Over the Phone on our blog. Every line of angry sellers eventually leads to a motivated seller!

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