Question from Albert in Las Vegas NV: “Which is the BEST motivated sellers list to mail postcards to that will get you the highest response/most deals?”  (For example, probate, divorced, NOD, pre foreclosure, default property taxes, out of town owners, etc). Please reply ASAP.”

To answer your question, Albert, I think that…

Probates are by far one of the best motivated sellers list to mail to.

I’ve consistently mailed to probates for the last 10 years, and can prove that this is where some of my biggest deals come from.

I do think that with all of the talk about Probate leads that the competition is becoming a little more stiff these days.  To stand out from the others, develop a marketing plan for your probates that is consistent and will stay with them for the duration of the probate process (usually 3 – 6 months).

What’s the reason probates are such good leads? These people just don’t want to be bothered with a house.  A lot of times, the heirs of the estate live in another state. They find it difficult to manage the property from where they’re at. They just want to liquidate it as quickly as possible.  Many times also, the house is in need of repair.  Not something that that heirs to an estate want to be bothered with. There are occasions where the heirs choose to keep the house and rehab it themselves, but it’s not very often.

While all of the lists that you mentioned in your question are good lists to mail to, my second favorite would have to be delinquent property taxes.  It’s amazing how many times people own the house free and clear, and still have a hard time paying their property taxes.  It’s a perfect opportunity for you to swoop in there and get a helluva deal on a house.

Hope this helps you decide on which list to mail to.

You can get a probate list from here!