How to Build a Buyer’s List: You can have a buyer’s list, and then you can have a REAL Buyer’s list.

how-to-build-a-buyers-listA “regular” buyer’s list would be one where you just have names and email addresses, but you don’t know who those people are, and you haven’t had any personal interaction with them.

A V.I.P. Buyers’ list is one that you’ve collected some detailed information about your buyer, and what types of property that he/she is interested in buying.  These are the buyers that should be contacted FIRST when you have a new property for sale.  You can get specific with them, since you know more about their criteria, and their business model.

This video will show you a quick and easy way to build a V.I.P. Buyers list, without being too intrusive, and without having to get on the phone and waste a bunch of time with tire kicking buyers.  It’s simple! I actually sent this email out to my email buyers list at 2:59 PM EST on May 20, 2014 – and well, you can see the results that I got within 10 minutes from 3 more V.I.P. Buyers.  Now you go do this, too!

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P.S. I wasn’t even done preparing the blog post, when I got this email:


And then within a few MORE minutes, I got these 2 V.I.P. Buyers that Came In:


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