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Training: How to Add $100k Wholetailing Houses

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I've been doing wholesale deals for 15 years, and to be honest, have been perfectly content with my business model. Until I discovered wholetailing, that is!   Read this article about a wholetail deal I closed recently. You see, whole-tailing is a different exit strategy.  It's one that will have [...]

REAL DEAL: How to Wholesale a Meth Lab

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Hi Property MOBsters!  I hope yall are having a great time today and making things HAPPEN! If you've ever wondered if you could wholesale a meth lab, then this video will answer your question!  It is possible, and it's just as easy as wholesaling a "normal" house, if there is [...]

Seller Knows Its Worth More, But Agrees to My Price

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I think you'll like this one. I originally offered the seller $15k for the property. He absolutely refused.  Then, I called him back and left him a message saying that I could increase my offer.  This is his return call, and the conversation that we had. Enjoy!

Bandit Sign Scandal

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BANDIT SIGN SCANDAL NEWS: This post originally started in August 2012 when I received my first violation from the City of Jacksonville for putting out bandit sign. So first, you'll read about that and even get some details on how I was found out, and the outcome.  Secondly, this [...]

How to Make $20,000.00*

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*Probably not on 1 deal but you never know unless you get off your ass and take action!!!! SEVEN years ago I went to a real estate boot camp and was hooked.  I wasn’t the typical attendee who hated their job and wanted to kill his boss.  I actually like my [...]

REAL DEAL: How to Make $23k in 16 Days

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Date of Initial Contact by Seller:  October 16, 2013 Where This Lead Came From:  Website - he filled out the seller information form, AND went ahead and scheduled his own appointment for me to come out and look at the house using ScheduleOnce (which I have enabled on the seller website). [...]

20,000 Clams – First Wholesale Deal

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20,000 Clams on my First Wholesale Deal! (The Real Journey of Eric Braham- From Police Officer to Real Estate Wholesaler) In the entire year of 1999, I earned about 12,000 bucks.  I worked my ass off for that money.  My uncle had a commercial landscaping business and I worked 7 [...]

Real Estate Divas – Vagina Power

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I was invited to be interviewed in this Real Estate Divas mastermind Google Hangout with Nasar Elarabi last night, Oct 10, 2013. It was tons of funs. Lots of good stories and even some golden nuggets!  It's an hour and a half long, so grab the popcorn and Enjoy!   [...]

REAL DEAL: How to Do A Wholetail Deal

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Here's the details to the REAL WHOLETAIL DEAL October 3, 2013 - Update. The deal closed on Monday, October 1.  Due to a hangup with the electrical inspection being turned in to the lender, it took an additional 2 days to fund.  But it's a done deal today.  

REAL DEAL: Tales from the Crypt

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What are REAL DEALS by the MOB?  Real deals are actual real estate transactions being conducted by Tracy Caywood.  You can visit the posts to get updates as they progress. They won’t all have a happy ending, but you can see for the first time what REALLY happens in the [...]

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