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Real Estate Marketing

Complete Guide to Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Here you will find the complete guide to marketing for real estate investors. Here are 63 ideas for marketing for real estate investors.

Bandit Signs – Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to generate motivated seller leads using bandit signs? Find out how in this article.

Every Answer to Every Question About Yellow Letters

I know every trick there is to know about marketing with yellow letters. And it’s all revealed right here!

what is a quit claim deed

Why You Should Market to Quit Claim Deeds in your Real Estate Marketing

Do you market to quit claim deeds? Maybe you should consider it after watching the video and reading the information in this article.

Motivated Seller

Here’s What a Motivated Seller Sounds Like (AUDIO)

If you listen to this call, the seller says a SLEW of the TRIGGER keywords.  This indicates immediately that she’s a motivated seller. Another good indicator is the long pause after I asked her the question about price.  Listen to this audio and GET EXCITED! There’s more Actual Seller Calls that you can listen to …

Here’s What a Motivated Seller Sounds Like (AUDIO) Read More »

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