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Do You Even Follow Up, Bro?!

If you’ve been around wholesaling long enough, I’m sure you’ve heard it somewhere:

“The fortune is in the follow-up”

Never a truer word was spoken. I’ve revived deals that were a year old, and older, and brought them to the closing table. It’s nice to have an assignment fee check suddenly appear in your hand, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s finding $4,000 or $5,000 worth of pennies in your couch cushions!

All that being said, Do you even follow-up BRO?! What’s your current follow-up situation? Do you have a system in place, or is your desk just littered with post-it notes and reminders to call people back? If that’s you, I think you’re in need of some help. You’re a lot better off than a lot of investors, because at least you’re doing something, but you can alleviate a lot more stress, and fewer deals will fall through the cracks, if you just take some time to systemize it.

The reason I chose to write about follow up is because I’m just starting to get serious about it. I’ve used a CRM in my business since the beginning, so there was always some sort of “follow up”. However, that “follow up” mostly consisted of CRM tasks for me to call people back on the phone. Again, much like Petey Post-It Note over there, at least I had something.

What I’m talking about today though is AUTOMATED follow-up. Yes, you still should be talking to people on the phone, but after a certain point it’s not the best use of your time. After a while, your leads should be switched over to some sort of automated follow up cycle. This type of follow-up cycle can be done via e-mail blast, text blast, or even voicemail broadcast. Some investors use just one of these options, others use all three, and they can really be done in any order, or any frequency you choose.

Kind of overwhelming, right? I know it overwhelmed me for a while. When I started to look at seriously automating my follow-up, the customizability of it all stopped me dead in my tracks.

Do I use e-mail or text?

How many times should I “touch” each lead? 

How long is too long to keep them in the system?

Don’t make the same mistake! It doesn’t need to be as painstaking, and as daunting, as I made it out to be. We’re smart investors. Use the resources that MOB membership gives you!

I’m not going to go through it (because it’s fucking boring), but if I broke down my follow-up sequences for you they would look VERY familiar. Why? Because I watched the follow-up training in the MOB membership site. That’s why.

I literally took screenshots of the follow-up email and phone sequences and implemented them in my own business. I used automated workflows within Zoho to control my phone follow-up, and once sellers go into a particular status in Zoho, they will be getting hit with e-mail autoresponders that I’ve made with Zoho Campaigns.

Don’t get thrown off by the fancy term “E-mail autoresponders”. That’s just another name for the e-mail drips I mentioned earlier. You’ll need to use a service like Zoho Campaigns or MailChimp to create them, and I personally believe that they are vital to your follow up.

With the autoresponders I’ve set up, once a seller lead goes into the follow up statuses I have set up in Zoho, I can completely forget about them and they will get contacted for up to 18 months. How cool is that?! I’m keeping in touch with potential sellers for a year and a half, without even lifting a finger.

Implementing something like this in your business will not only save you time, but make you more money as well. Reviving deals that are about a year old will put some extra change in your pocket, that’s for dang sure I reckon(Cowboy accent)! Also, having a system like this in place will help you to spend more of your time doing what you’re best at: Closing deals. 

Any good wholesaling business has got systems. Systematizing and automating may seem overwhelming at first, but getting a little giddy-up in your follow-up is a good place to start. Once you systemize that, you can tackle the next system, and the next, and the next, and the next. Until one day, you’re just living on a yacht somewhere in the Maldives, drinking a mojito and fanning yourself with a giant palm frond.

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. Until next week. See ya later, jabronies!

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