Follow up with your seller leads. It works.  I’m about to tell you a story of a real life example of implementing a follow up system, and how following up can turn an old lead into a CHECK.

I’ve been talking to this particular seller for a while. We couldn’t agree on a price. My max offer was $22,500 and he wanted $35.000.00. He declined my offer on several occassions thinking that he could get more for the house.

After agreeing to disagree, I changed his lead status in Zoho to FOLLOW UP, which is what I do when I think that the seller is worthy of talking to again in the future. I know for a FACT that time and circumstances changes everything.  When I do this, it automatically adds him to Zoho Campaigns and starts an auto responder series that I created.  It sends the seller a very simple email every 30 days and asks them if they still want to sell their house. Here’s what the email looks like (Click to Enlarge):

Screenshot 7:18:13 1:50 PM

So when he was dropped into the auto responder series, he received 3 emails from me. One in May, one in June, and one in July. Then I received an email from him asking if I was still interested in the house at $22,500. If so, he would accept. Here’s his email (Click to Enlarge) :

Screenshot 7:18:13 1:29 PM


My point here is this. It didn’t take any more effort to put this seller into my auto responder email series.  Yes, it took time to set up the autoresponder series at first. But that’s how systems work. You spend the time setting them up and oiling them so they run smooth forever. Then you can utilize them for the rest of your life. Or the rest of your career…..whichever you decide.

So if YOU Don’t have an email autoresponder follow up system in place, then GET ONE.

Recommended Email Campaign Software:  Aweber or Zoho Campaigns

If you don’t have a CRM yet, be sure to check out Godfather CRM , customized by the M.O.B. – Exclusively for real estate investors!!