Excerpt from Tracy: Let me introduce you to Eric.  He’s a new author for Property M.O.B., and will be sharing his experience with us from now through the next year (and maybe after) on his transition from early retirement as a law enforcement officer, to a real estate investor/entrepreneur.  I’m sure alot of you will be able to relate to Eric, and enjoy hearing of the ups and downs of his journey through the transition to his new career.  

My name is fake.

I am going to quit, leave, retire way way early from my job. I’m 12 years away from a 25 year retirement, but my plan is to walk away on July 1st, 2014.

That’s 366 days.  182 working days.  2093 work hours from right now.

I’ve made the commitment to retire from being a Police Officer.  I’m over being in law enforcement.  There’s no conspiracy.  I’m not being indicted.  I haven’t murdered people.  It’s not that I’m for or against the legalization of marijuana.  Police work has been very good to me and my family.  It has allowed me to do some pretty fun and exciting things.  When I began I was a ‘career’ type of guy; work hard for 25 years, retire and do nothing, or at least that’s what I was told. That’s what I believed.

A few things have spoiled this ‘career’ and sent me spiraling towards Real Estate.

I’ve grown up and matured quite a bit in the past 13 years. For the past 5 years, I’ve worked as an undercover narcotic detective. One day I woke up and realized that this is still a J.O.B.  As fun as my job can be, I still have to show up for every shift whether I want to or not.  Contrary to mainstream belief, whether I write 100 tickets or make 100 arrests, I get paid the same as the guy currently sitting next to me sleeping in his cruiser.  I feel dread the night before I have to go back to work.


A few years ago when those in high ranking positions got a pay raise and the rest of us did not, a Captain who I was speaking to about this encouraged me not get too worked up.  He said that his whole pay raise was going towards adding his 16 year old daughter to his auto insurance policy.  FUCK THAT.  He’s been working for 20+ years at this JOB and he doesn’t even get to enjoy a pay raise.  Another time I spoke to an officer with 23 years on the department and he told me when he retires he’s got to go start his second career to pay his bills.  This is common.  I can count on one hand the cops that I know who retired and were not planning to get another job.  And most of those guys were headed off to live in the middle of nowhere so their retirement check would last while they lived month to month.  It took many, many more slaps in the face before I realized that I need to retire now and take control of my future.

I know my job dissatisfaction is not unique.  My way of coping with this is semi-unique.  I refuse to sit by for the next 12 years and bitch and be unhappy.  I can’t sit in a cruiser for 12 years and become the cops who I loathe.  I’m implementing drastic changes & I am committing to achieving my goal.  I’m ignoring those who call me crazy.  “How can you walk away from 13 years?” or “why don’t you just coast for the next 12 and then have that guaranteed paycheck”.  Nah.  Like the saying goes, I’m going to live uncomfortably now, so I can live comfortably for the next 40.  We all know where Real Estate Investing can take you.  Look around there are no shortages of people killing it every day.  I have chosen to become one of them.  One year from now I will go full-time in Real Estate Investing.

Welcome to my journey.  I hope you’ll come back and read the adventures of the next year of my life.  I’ll give you details of how I’m going to achieve this in my next post, but for now thank you for reading and a huge thank you to Tracy Caywood for allowing me to share my story and hold myself accountable via PropertyMob.com

Eric Brahm

(While I have chosen big goals, I am not reckless.  I’ve assumed a fake name here so I am not targeted in my real life or suffer any consequences in my job for my writings or desires.)