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how to find real estate comps

How to Find Real Estate Comps

Real Estate Investors are always looking for the greatest resources on how to find real estate comps. I’ve decided to do you guys a favor, and round up some useful links. You can use these in your real estate business to find comparable sales for your propertiesYou can even bookmark this page for quick reference in the future.

 I’m sure there are a lot of websites out there that are super cool and useful to determine real estate comps. If I’ve left one out that you know of, please message me and tell me about it! We all know as real estate investors we’re always trying to figure out how to find real estate comps. I’ll be happy to add it this article.

This is always a challenge for investors if they don’t have the MLS comps, and it’s also very much a critical part of the deal analysis process.

Nothing compares to having the MLS as a resource for pulling comparable sales and doing market research. There are a few websites that you can use to pull the information so that you can make an educated estimate of the value of the house.

Helpful Tips on How to Find Real Estate Comps in Your Neighborhood

how to find real estate comps

I don’t know why everyone gives Zillow so much grief.  I guess if you’re looking at the Zestimate and assuming that its correct, then you might find yourself in a bad situation. There are some tools that will allow you to do research on sold comps. Some even show them to you on a map.  This will help you locate the properties that are closest to your subject property.

how to find real estate comps using zillow
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Find Real Estate Comps Now? OK!

how to find real estate comps

Quite similar to Zillow, but with a few more tools that are helpful to investors. It will give you comparable sales pinned on the map close to your subject property.  It will also give an indicator light to tell you what type of transaction the sale was (cash, Retail, Private lender).  If you need help with offers, there’s a graph on the left hand side of the screen that will tell you how much to offer your sellers based on a percentage of market value. 

how to find real estate comps
how to find real estate comps

This website is kinda cool. Aesthetically speaking, it’s not the best looking website, but if you’re there to do comparable sales research, then I think you’ll find some of the features of this website quite helpful.

As you know, the most comparable sales will usually be the ones that are closest to your subject. When you’re checking out the comparable sales on this website, you can sort by proximity and see the sales that are the closest. You can also sort by sale date, sales price, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

I like this site because it gives you the list of comparable sales with all of the commercial real estate data right there. No need to click back and forth checking for dates. Pretty nice feature!

On the bad note, there’s no photos, so you can’t compare condition, house type, or see any data from the MLS (like you can on Zillow).

Pulling the Right Real Estate Comps is an Art Not a Science

There’s enough data online for you to be conclude what your subject property is worth.


One thing is for sure, you have to have comparable sales data to determine ARV [Click here for an entire dictionary of real estate acronyms [<— link this to the Acronym blog post] and if you don’t want to invest your time and money into getting a real estate license, then you have to do the research to come up with a dependable number.  You may have to use all 3 sites to pull data from. 


When I’m teach people how to determine ARV without the MLS, I have them first find the MOST comparable sales. This is the most time-consuming part. Afterward, they enter the data into a spreadsheet.  Once entered it will calculate the average price per square foot and then multiply that by our subject property to determine the estimated value.

Remember, finding ARV is an art, not a science.  The art is in selecting the right real estate comps to use in your valuation.  Choosing the wrong one can certainly throw everything off and start a domino effect of wasted time.

Read this : For more information about how to find the value of a property without the MLS ( using the HomeSnap APP)

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