Marketing is like breathing, it must never stop or you’ll die.

There’s some marketing that’s good and some that’s not so good.  The only way to really tell the difference is testing.  If you go and buy a Yellow Pages ad for your ‘we buy houses’ business, will it bring you deals?  Some say yes, some say no.

Think about who actually keeps a phone book.   When mine hits the driveway, it usually sits there until recycle day when I dump it right in the bin.  I never even open it.

But I live on a street with 4 people over the age of 60.  They’ve had phone books their entire lives.  My first thought if needing a number is Google.  But there is still a large population of older folks who thumb through a phone book.

When you’re finding motivated sellers, you don’t want to exclude this entire population. The rate of home ownership only goes up as a population ages. You don’t want to exclude your most saturated market.

My first wholesale deal came from a shitty yellow letter that I woulda dumped right in the trash.  But the seller could have cared less; it addressed her need at the right time and place.  Lesson being, you have to remove your own bias when marketing.  What you think doesn’t really matter. You’re finding motivated sellers, not impressing yourself.

What matters are results.  Conversions.  Sales.  Deals.

Those can’t happen until you put yourself out there. We want you to get started.

Planning is Useless Without Action

Trust me.  Everyday I wake up and haven’t done some form of marketing that will get my phone to ring, the reality of no action smacks me in the face.  People won’t call unless you tell them how to call you.


A few months ago I had saw a special on stickers online.  150, two by three inch stickers for about 50 bucks.  I bought 3 packs and have been committing some type of misdemeanor crime ever since.  Bus stops, Laundromats, mailboxes, check cashing stores, gas pumps, ATMs, anywhere people are going to be thinking about money, I want them to see one of my stickers.  Unfortunately it’s resulted in no deals as of today.  But those stickers will be there for weeks, months, and years working hard trying to find me a seller.

We often take for granted in our quest for marketing that there are a lot of people out there who can’t use technology like we do, who either can’t afford it or don’t know how. On top of that, there are people who don’t have cars, mailboxes, or all kinds of things that we barely bat an eyelash at. We can’t leave those sellers behind.

Marketing Materials are 24-hour Employees, Always Finding Motivated Sellers

  • Here’s a photo of one of my employees busting their ass trying to find me a motivated seller. The first photo is your standard mailbox.  It’s nothing special, it’s nothing insane. It’s just one place that some people outside of my immediate circle end up going on a regular basis.
Finding Motivated Sellers
  • The second photo shows where I placed my sticker.  When someone opens up the mail slot to drop their bills, there is my employee greeting them with a big, helpful phone number. I cannot stress enough how big of a difference very simple ideas can make.
Finding Motivated Sellers

Take action today and do some marketing, it’s the only way you’ll find a deal and eventually quit your job. The MOB is always here to help expand your horizons and give you more ideas for marketing in ways you never thought of before.