As Americans, we have a list of holidays that we take “off” from the normal every day hustle and bustle.  They’re different for some (Jewish holidas vs. Christian holidays vs Catholic, etc).  Whatever the case is, everyone has those special days on their calendars where they spend time with their families recognizing the special event.

If you have a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, they also have their own set of holidays. They have traditions just as we do in America in which they celebrate their holidays.  Its easy to forget about their holidays, because they’re very meek by nature. They don’t ask for time off, more money, or paid vacations. So they may fit it in their schedule to come to work, even though its a holiday in their country.

Don’t let this happen!

I asked my V.A. (she’s in the Philippines) for a list of holidays that are celebrated in her country, and I wanted to post it here so that you could also be aware of the days that are special to them. Honor their days, and let them do their thing.

Public holidays in the Philippines are days off that have been provided for by law, and which are observed across the nation. There are two main types of public holidays in the Philippines: Regular holidays and Special days.  Here are the holidays for 2014:


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