Goodbye to our friend, Lauren

In the late summer of 2015 I was a speaker at our local REIA here in Jacksonville Florida, where I met Lauren Ficke. I noticed a young girl there that night that was paying intent attention to every word that I spoke. She was adorable and fresh looking, with glossy long brown hair and big bright brown eyes.

A couple of weeks later, I got a text from this girl. She had been scouring Zillow for seller leads, and thought that she might have something! She said she was nervous, but she texted me and asked me if I would work with her on the deal. I told her yes! Then, I googled her name to see who this person was who has my cell number and was very persistent. It was the girl from the REIA meeting!

That deal didn’t go anywhere, but Lauren kept pursuing the idea of real estate wholesaling. She was VERY persistent. She asked me if I would teach her the ropes. So I enrolled her in my one on one coaching program.  She came into my office a couple of times a week with her spiral notebook, took lots of notes, and best of all, SHE TOOK ACTION.

Step by step, without a question in her mind, she took instruction and things started to happen for her. She was out there talking to sellers and working her leads. It was a glorious moment.  Well, I see ALOT of people come and go in this business, and I can usually tell who has what it takes to succeed.  SHE HAD IT!

Lauren Joined Our Team as our Acquisition Manager

I offered her the opportunity to join our team and be our acquisition manager.  Miss Ficke didn’t hesitate for a second. She accepted, and that began our relationship as partners.

She learned everything so fast. Constructive criticism was accepted by her. Before we knew it, she was working 100% of our sellers leads, gettings houses under contract, and closing deals!  She was the perfect fit! She was our acquistion manager for 2.5 years and was excellent at what she did.

Not only did Lauren fit perfectly into our team (which is HARD TO DO), we also became friends with her. She ended up renting a little townhouse just a few houses down from us, and came to hang out with us quite often. She’d bring her little teacup Chihuahuas and sit on the deck with me to drink a glass of wine.  She came to all of our holiday parties, stayed up way past her bedtime at our house to watch Donald Trump get elected, and was our trusted pet sitter anytime we went out of town.

On November 1, 2017, Miss Lauren Ficke passed away

When Lauren’s mom called us with the news, my husband, my daughter, and I all stood around in complete shock for hours, as this took us by surprise.  We couldn’t believe that Lauren, just 24 years old, was gone.

I haven’t lost too many people to death in my 44 years of life, but I can say that this was a very sad time. My heart feels heavy and my throat even gets choked up right now while I write this post.  I still can’t believe what happened.

With that being said, everyone left here on Earth continues on with their lives, We have to realize just how special each person that’s present in our lives today really are.

We will never forget Lauren Ficke, or the impact that she had on our lives.

If you want to sign Lauren’s obituary, you can do that here.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to our friend, Lauren”

  1. Thoran Menser

    Your Loss saddens me, Your beautiful tribute speak volumes for a wonderful young Woman. God bless.

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