How to Buy Houses on Auto Pilot


Automating your real estate business is a process that needs to be thought out in its entirety. Having a mind map helps you get the workflow process into visual mode, so you can start assigning tasks to your virtual assistant or other team members.


Entire projects and even businesses are built using Mind Maps. It helps to get all of the moving parts laid out on paper, and determine who will be responsible for each item.  They’re also easy to edit and update as things change within your company.


When it comes to the real estate investing business, there are typically two sides to the business. On one side, you work with sellers, in an attempt to buy houses [Acquisition]. On the other side, you work with Buyers, to sell the houses to cash buyers [Disposition].


Both of these organizations consist of several sub-sections, and then tasks that can be assigned to virtual assistants or admins to help your company be the most efficient that it can be.


In the image below, you’ll find a Mind Map that you can download and use to help you start automating your real estate wholesaling business, and eventually teach you how to buy houses on auto pilot.  Each process is titled, and assigned to the person responsible for handling the task. For the most part, its in the exact order that these tasks should be performed.

how to buy houses

I know, the Mind Map is kinda small and if you have a hard time seeing it, then you can CLICK HERE TO SEE A LARGER VERSION OF THIS MIND MAP

Check out this video on how to read and utilize the Mind Map.

How to Read and Use the Mind Map In Your Real Estate Business

If you’re ready to start automating your real estate business, head on over to and start crating your own MindMap for your business, or just copy the one that I’ve provided here.

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    I’m new to the real estate business and I’m ready to make my first deal,can you give me some insight on completing my first deal. I’m looking for motivated seller who have a need to sell. I do have my paperwork in placed so,can you give me some input on the next step I should focus on completing to get the phone ringing.Your help would truly be appreciated.

    Thank you,


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