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How to Handle all of your Buyer and Seller Leads in One Place

Managing Your Buyer And Seller Leads Like a Champ

The real estate business is an ever revolving door when it comes to generating buyer and seller leads. Sellers come and go, and buyers come and go. If you’re executing effective marketing campaigns, then you have both types of real estate leads entering your sales funnel on any given day. What happens to those people? Do they receive communication from you? Or do they just land in your email inbox with nowhere to go? Do you leave your sellers or buyers feeling like lost puppies?

I can recall on so many occasions where I’ve made inquiries online or over the phone, and expected to hear from that person. I literally volunteered my information and requested to be contacted. But I never heard from anyone. It went total crickets. I was surprised, because these people probably spent money to get me to look at their website in the first place, or to enter my info. They just didn’t have any type of system or organization for handling me once I entered.  This is a very common problem amongst business owners. Not only real estate investors, but pretty much every small business.

Spiral Notebooks Are For Middle Schoolers

Sellers and buyers constantly filling out forms and requesting information about you, your company, or the houses that you have for sale can be hard to manage.  I know some people who keep this information on sticky note, or in a spiral notebook, thinking that they have everything they need in their briefcase or their giant 3 ring binder.  This process of managing real estate leads is short lived!

Technology has made the demand for instant responses pretty standard in today’s world. If you’re in business for yourself, especially the real estate space, then it’s more than critical that you have a system that can handle this real estate lead generation process for you.

There’s a solution for this problem!  I use it in my real estate wholesaling business every single day. In fact, I could no longer survive if I didn’t have it. There’s just too much to keep up with.

Manage Buyer and Seller Leads In The Cloud

I took a screenshot of the seller leads that I’m working on today.  For privacy purposes, and to keep my leads safe from competitors, I’ve blurred out the seller’s name, email and property address. But the point here is so that you can see how organized all of my real estate seller leads are. I can open this screen, and literally tell you the status of every single one of my sellers at this very moment.  You can’t do that with a 3 ring binder!!



Details of Buyer and Seller Real Estate Leads Displayed Nicely on the Screen

These are just the leads that are on my “working leads” list.  These real estate leads get instant email notifications when they enter my system (so they don’t feel like lost puppies). They also get follow up emails if I’m not able to work out a deal with them. The follow up system is amazing, and it converts stale leads into Closed transactions!  That is also something that a 3 ring binder can’t do for me.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  What good is a list of your real estate seller leads?  LOL.  Well, when you CLICK on any one of these seller leads, it reveals the entire case on this seller.  All of teh facts and details about them, the property that they’re interested in selling, and they’re motivation.  The real estate lead record card is like your file folder.  When you open it, tons of information is kept inside.  It’s there for instant reference, as well as future reference.

Have you ever had something in a file folder? And the that was kept in a filing cabinet? And one day you had to open the filing cabinet drawer and pull out the folder?  You looked inside and there it was!! The exact information that you were hoping to find!  That’s exactly how your CRM will work with all of your seller and buyer leads.

Here’s a screenshot of just SOME of the details that can be kept on your seller leads, for instant reference AND for future reference:

Screenshot 10:15:15, 1:44 PM

But what happens when a seller agrees to my price and we sign a contract?  That’s a good question! This seller obviously moves out of the list of “working leads” and moves into “Active Transactions” (a.k.a. Houses for Sale) list.  Which will look something like this:


OK That’s cool, but What about Buyer Leads for Real Estate Agents?

Buyers should be organized in the same real estate lead platform as your sellers.  You don’t want to scramble all over the place looking for different types of real estate leads.  It’s a much easier day to be able to use your search function and find anyone that you do business with. If you send out broadcast emails, it’s nice to have all of your buyers in a database that will allow you to click a few links and send out the information to your buyers list.

In the screenshot below, you’ll see  a few of my real estate buyer leads (personal information has been intentionally blurred out) that are stored in my CRM database.  Toward the top of the screen, you’ll also notice that this particular list of buyers have a “filter” on them. These buyers in particular are looking for houses on the Westside of town. I’ve collected this valuable real estate lead information either through a web form or a personal conversation with them.  When I get a new property in the Westside under contract, i can contact them directly FIRST, because I know that they’re interested in advance.

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Screenshot 10:14:15, 10:56 AM-2

Being able to target specific buyers for each property will ensure that everyone gets to the closing table fast, and that the checks get delivered. If someone from the segmented list doesn’t want the house, then the general broadcast list of buyers will receive the information. It’s all about having a system in mind and software that can handle it.

features of godfather crm

If you’re tired of carrying around that 3 ring binder and pieces of paper flapping all over the floor and sticking out of the sides of your notebook, getting all crinkled up and coffee stained, then you know that it’s time for a change.  Change is painful, but change is also good.  Adding a real estate CRM to your business is one of the biggest upgrades you can make for yourself.

Imagine you, sitting at your home office desk (or kitchen table), getting ready to make calls to sellers, follow up some leads, and contact a few buyers.  Imagine how good it’s going to feel when you can open ONE single web browser tab, sign in to Godfather CRM, and complete all of your tasks in a quick and organized fashion. Your head will be clear, your work will be done, and you’ll be well on your way to closing more deals and putting more money in your account.

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