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Real Estate Virtual Assistant

How to Train Your Virtual Assistant

If you’re a serious real estate investor, the time will certainly come where you’ll consider hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant). If you’re not sure what a VA is, it’s a person who works remotely and helps you with any and all administrative tasks. Anything that can be done from a telephone or a computer will be outsourced and delegated to your virtual assistant.

Once you sit down and you start to think about all of the things that you want your VA to do for you, you may become overwhelmed. You’ll start to realize that the business has a lot of administrative work, and that you actually work alot more hours than you think.  So how will you go about getting all the instructions from you to your VA so that he/she can begin their work? Here’s a suggestion (and you can start this at any time).

The next time you sit down to complete ANY task, open a new document in Google Drive.  Title the document the name of the task that you’re about to complete. As you go through each step of the task, type the detailed instructions into the document. Be sure to include every little detailed part of the task, just like you were typing it for someone in the first grade. Make it EASY to understand. Make sure the directions are CLEAR. Don’t have the curse of knowledge. If needed, take screen shots and include them in the document to help describe what you’re doing.

Once you’ve completed the task, try sharing the document with your kid (12 years old or older is probably good) and ask them to complete the task, ensuring that they can follow the instructions (more so that you wrote them clear enough for a child to understand), and that they can perform the task without a hitch. If all goes well, ten CHA CHING!!! You’ve created your first training document for your virtual assistant.

If you’re planning on hiring a VA now or at any time in the future, you might as well start writing these instructions up now.  Don’t try to train a VA over the phone!!!!!


As soon as you get one fully trained, they’ll quit, and you’ll have to start all over. It’s much easier to give them access to your Google Drive folder that has ALL of the training in it, so they can train themselves on their own.

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2 thoughts on “How to Train Your Virtual Assistant”

  1. Hey Tracy, Love all of the information you give out on your blog. Quick question when you give your va access to your google drive, do you give them access to your gmail account (password, username etc..) How do you go about doing that?

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