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How to Become a full-time Real Estate Investor

What if I could grant you a few extra hours a week to sharpen your REI mind.  And it cost you nothing.

 The average commute for US workers is 25 minutes.  That’s a skewed statistic because it’s just an average.  There are plenty of people driving an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.  I’m one of those lemmings.  I guess I’m slightly more fortunate since I am allowed to work 4 ten hour days saving me 2 whole hours of sitting in my car each week.  Yet I’m still behind the wheel for 8 hours a week.  8 hours per week, times 52 weeks, equals a suicidal 416 hours per year I’m just driving to and from work.  This cool (and depressing) map will show you average commute times for all over the USA.
So, how does one gain a few extra hours per week?  Aside from hiring a driver (I’ve looked into it, but it’s too expensive), how you spend your commute determines where you can gain back some control.  Spend it listening to the local radio station with its crap dj playing the same “hit” song 5 times an hour and at the end of the year, you’ll be no further ahead of anyone else.  But if you spend your ride learning via podcasts you’ll be gaining new insights, techniques, and knowledge pretty effortlessly.
Real Estate Investing with a job can be a pretty lonely existence.  Working a full-time job and having a family while trying to start a business is pretty challenging.  Listening to a podcast on your commute is like hiring a mentor to sit in your passenger seat.  And if they suck you haven’t shelled out thousands of dollars to them, you just click to the next episode or different podcast.  I really can’t believe these podcasts aren’t 99 cents or 2 bucks a piece.  They’re all free and the amount of info dropped into my head from them is mind boggling.  What was the last skill you learned from a popular song on the radio?  Twerking won’t put checks in your pocket unless your a freak.  Podcasts are motivating and encouraging when you feel like you’re in a one person battle to become successful in real estate investing.
There’s plenty of lists of great REI podcasts on the web, but here’s a few of my favorites:
  • Real Estate Investing Mastery
  • Flipping Homes HQ
  • Bigger Pockets
  • Epic Real Estate Investing
  • I Love Marketing
  • The School of Greatness
  • Flip 2 Freedom
  • Smart Passive Income

Some of these are REI related and others are general self improvement.  Do yourself a favor and unless you’re a full-time investor who killed their job long ago, KILL YOUR RADIO and start learning on your commute.  Do you have any solid podcasts you would add to this list?

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