*Probably not on 1 deal but you never know unless you get off your ass and take action!!!!

SEVEN years ago I went to a real estate boot camp and was hooked.  I wasn’t the typical attendee who hated their job and wanted to kill his boss.  I actually like my job, so I saw real estate more as this thing I could work on as a hobby until I retired when in 19 more years.  I didn’t really have a goal except that one day I really wanted to be involved in REI.

Fast forward 7 years and I still don’t hate my job.  These 7 years have helped me learn to hate the system.  That system is my JOB.  The bureaucratic bullshit that comes with any job where the employees are guaranteed their paycheck, resulting in them having zero motivation to change, adapt, evolve, or try and make a single fucking thing better or more efficient.  That brain-dead existence is what I loathe.  Hearing a person write off a huge chunk of their life, saying things like, ‘I only got 13 years left then I’m outta here’ or ‘soon as I retire here I’ll have to get a second job’.  People are their own worst enemy.   How do you not have enough faith in yourself to at least think you’re better than just being a mindless robot that lives for your short crappy two day weekend?

1458865_10152389126639152_1578292481_nSorry, I got off track.  Back to how to make 20 large.  First step, pull a list.  Who gives a rat’s ass what kind of list.  Pick one.  Right now.  Just one.  How about, absentee owner with a mortgage origination date of 10+ years.  This shit isn’t breaking news.  This is what everyone will tell you to do.  Whether it’s bandit signs or mailings, you have to do something.  I choose a combo, and it just so happened that my direct mail brought me my first deal.

Once that list is pulled, Mail that Mothafucka.  MTM.  Here’s my ghetto fab process.  I found a local printer who took my template (googled yellow letter and copied a sample) and photocopied it.  Ten thousand times for 300 bucks.  My template left the name & property address blank.  I fill in the name & property address with a red felt tip pen, trying to match the photocopy as best I can.


I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I look at my letters and think, well who the F is going to call me off this hot mess?  There is a lesson in there.  It’s doesn’t matter what you think.  Stop thinking and just do.  I wouldn’t call someone off my letter.  But, chances are I wouldn’t sell my house to a ‘we buy houses’ company.  Unless, I was so motivated I didn’t care.  BINGO.  Here’s a copy of the letter I actually mailed out.  My seller was sweet enough to mail me a testimonial and the original letter back.  I’m gonna have this letter framed along side my check for 20k.  This one sheet of funkadelic canary yellow junk mail got me paid 20k.

How many times are you going to read a post or article like this before you get off your ASS and take action?  It took me a very long time.  So I’m not breaking balls, but seriously just do it.  I hand wrote and mailed 1000 letters before I got the phone call leading to my first payday.  Now I can outsource that aspect of finding my next deal and focus more on finding my next check vs writing letter after letter after letter after letter!