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Manage Yourself – Not Your Time

Sometimes you have so many things going on, that you can’t get anything done. You sit down and take a deep breath, and try to organize your thoughts, and organize your time, primarily by putting priority things in your calendar that need to get gone. You make them look like appointments so that you don’t make appointments on top of what REALLY needs to get done.  And then you realize how stupid you are.

You can’t manage time!  That’s ridiculous. We’re all given 24 hours in a day.  Some of us can be very productive in that 24 hours, so of us…not so much.  We have to learn how to manage ourselves before our days can begin to look productive.

Here are three simple tips that can help you manage yourself so that you can work toward your first deal, or even your 150th deal.  We all have moments when we lose track of what we SHOULD be doing.

1. Work by Objective, Not by Crisis.  When people work by crisis, they’re working because there is no money in their bank account. They go into panic me and do everything they can to get that one deal under contract, or get that one deal sold so they can get a check. That is totally the wrong way to manage yourself. Working by objective is just the opposite.  It’s working toward your goal of having 10 deals under contract with a seller. Forget about the checks. They’ll come automatically.This one step alone will take you to the next level.

2. Invest your Time like you would your money. When you invest your money, don’t you expect to get a phenomenal return? I know I do.  In fact , if the numbers aren’t remarkable, I don’t even bother. You should act the same way with your time. Look at it as a valuable commodity. And only invest your time when you’ll receive a valuable return on your investment.

3. Just do SOMETHING. Real estate investors have the worst case of analysis paralysis that I’ve ever seen in my life. THey want to take the next 3 years of their life analyzing why a seller would sell their house to them for such a stupid low price.  Who cares, man?? Don’t wait to figure it all out. Just do it. Don’t sit around dreaming of how you’re going to be an amazing real estate investor and how many deals you’re going to buy. Just take immediate action.

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