Written By : Mobster Eric Braham

Aren’t you afraid they’re gonna kidnap you and your family??? It’s not a choice.  Once you’re in you’re in.  They’ve got you.

What does it mean to be a Propertymob.com ‘mobster’?  Well for one, you don’t get to decide to buy halfway in.  It’s a full commitment.  If you want someone to hold your hand and spoon feed you then look elsewhere.  Committing half heartedly is for the weak.  Those investors who skip and jump from excuse to excuse all the while having their ‘guru’ accept their monthly coaching fee aren’t wanted.  Stay out you dirty rats.  This is a place for people of true dedication to come together and grow.  Be held accountable.  Support each other, give criticism and take a smack down when warranted.

The mobsters lounge is headed up by superboss, Tracy “The Flamingo” Caywood.  You need to think no further than Capone, Dillinger, or Gotti to know you don’t cross a boss.   She rules with an iron fist.  Fuck up and you’ll get dick punched.  She isn’t here for you’re 27 bucks a month.  Lead by example is her style.  Close deals, make checks.  She does it month after month and shows you exactly how she does it.

If you seek to learn and become a truly great investor, you’ll find everything you need here.  Trainings and articles will take you from jump street to full-time REI status as quickly as you want to get there.  The closed group ‘mobsters lounge’ on Facebook is a treasure trove of knowledge and motivation.  Ask a question and you’ll have seasoned investors telling you exactly how to solve your problem within minutes.

The only thing holding you back is you.  That’s the appeal.

No fluff.

You want it, take it.

There’s no up sell.

No bait and switch.

Got a question, get an answer.

You can be successful, but it’ll only happen because you made it happen.  Everything you need is here.  Find something that’s not, ask and Propertymob.com will make it happen.  I bought in last year and haven’t looked back once.

I’m a mobster and will be one ‘til the day I die…..or decide to sit my ass on a beach and retire.  How many times are you gonna allow yourself to see someone else post a picture of a check before you take action?  If you aren’t a full-time real estate investor, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME.  Without a single reservation, I am a mobster.  Why aren’t you?


Become a Mobster Today  and Start Your Journey as a Bad Ass Investor!