MOB Real Estate | How Many Leads Does it Take to Get a Deal?

If you have out with the MOB real estate becomes second nature!


How many leads does it take to get to a motivated seller?  If you’re doing marketing to generate leads, dont get frustrated until you watch this video and find out just how many times the phone needs to ring before you can throw the towel in.


A lot of real estate investors think that they can mail out a few hundred pieces of mail and suddenly become a real estate wholesaler. Sorry, but that’s not how this works.  It takes a serious marketing plan, a marketing budget and most importantly some tough skin.  It’s not easy, and you have to kiss a lot of toad sellers before you land that deal.


This video will put this into perspective a little bit more, and bring some realistic expectations as to how many sellers you might have to talk to before you get one under contract. Let me know how I can help.

Warning: This video may contain some reference to licking a tootsie pop.

Find out the Top 3 Mailing Lists that every Real Estate Wholesaler should be mailing to.


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