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Outsourcing Your Business

OMFG. This is one of the best Property MOB Shows EVAH!  It is so jam packed with golden nuggets of information that you’ll freak-a-leak right there on the spot. There are several phases in the life of a real estate investor, and the more experienced you become, you’ll realize that you have to outsource all of the tidious, mudane bullshit that IS part of being a real estate entrepreneur.  Learn one of the hottest techniques on the planet, Yo! Right here ..on the Property mob show.  Sorry.I was feeling real cussy when I wrote this. Hope you can hang.

“How To Buy Houses on Autopilot” –  I’m going to be revealing all of the methods I use to buy houses on autopilot during this special limited time training event. You’ll get to see how my business is run on autopilot, I’m going to pull the curtain back and even show you my personal work flow, the same one I use in my business every day.

You can take what you learn in this training event and apply it to your business right away.

And the best part… it’s completely free!

Here’s some of the things you will learn:

  • How to Automate your Direct Mail so that you NEVER run out of seller leads
  • How to Get Property Inspections and Accurate Repair Estimates done so that you can stop stepping on hypodermic needles and getting bit by fleas!
  • How to Write Contracts AND Get them Signed with One Click of your Mouse
  • How to Buy MORE Houses and Make MORE Money by Working LESS HOURS
  • How to Stay in Control of Your Business, Even When It’s Fully Automated How to Outsource ALL of those Time Sucking Tasks FOR GOOD!

Register now for “How To Buy Houses On Autopilot” and reserve your spot in this LIMITED training event!

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  1. Skeazzix August 26, 2010 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    First of all, thank you for answering my question. I said to myself “what a simple solution, why didn’t i think of that?” Then I figured out why I didn’t think of that. Because I am still missing something in the equation.
    When you pay the realtor 10% for the B to C transaction, what if another realtor brought the C buyer to your realtor and wants 3% of the entire transaction? There won’t be enough in the deal unless it is a tremendous profit. ex: 50k Short Sale wholesaled at 70k. 6% to the realtor for the A-B (both sides = 3k)paid by the seller. Now, B -C at 3% to other agent on the 70K transaction = 2.1K My realtor gets 2k for the 10% but loses money on the B -C transaction. It’s even worse if the profit margin is under 20k. Ex: 50k wholesale at 60k. (3k A-B my realtor. B-C = 1k to my realtor minus 3% of 60k to second realtor = -1800. Net to my realtor both transactions = 2200. My realtor loses money with the second transaction. Why would he bring me the second sale? Also, does your realtor get the listing from you at the first closing so you can close the second later that day?

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