Practicing Real Estate without a License

This Could Land You In Court – or WORSE!

Dear Newbies,

Real Estate Law is a serious matter.  You could be making one very big mistake by advertising other people’s houses without a signed contract (which gives you beneficial interest in the property).  This act would be practicing real estate without a license.

Please watch this video and make sure that you’re not making this very dangerous mistake!!

If you’re guilty of dong this, or have been advised by someone to do this, you’re listening to the WRONG PEOPLE!!!  You might want to consider joining the MOB  and hanging out with people that have experience in the business, and can make sure you’re doing the right things!

Friends, this has been going on since I’ve been in the business. It definitely becomes more prevalent when the market conditions improve.

Instead of getting in trouble for practicing real estate without a license, do yourself a favor and find your own deals. Its just not cool to go jacking other people’s deals.  They’re put in the time, money and effort to lock down deals with sellers. Have the decency to respect that.  Get off your ass and find your own deals.
Thank you

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