Hi Property MOBsters!  I hope yall are having a great time today and making things HAPPEN! If you’ve ever wondered if you could wholesale a meth lab, then this video will answer your question!  It is possible, and it’s just as easy as wholesaling a “normal” house, if there is such a thing.

Here’s a photo of the Meth Lab Beauty: (not so bad looking on the outside).  I never did get a chance to see the inside of this property, so I have no idea how it looks on the inside.  I don’t think the buyer saw the inside, either! LOL

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 3.04.31 PM

Where This Lead Came From: My Website! I Love website leads. They don’t cost me anything, and they’re usually HIGHLY qualified. Some of my highest profit deals are made from the website.  This

I wanted to share this story with you, not because it’s the biggest of checks, but because it’s the first time I’ve ever flipped a meth lab. It was quite interesting to learn the story of the meth lab, and more interesting to learn that I could sell it. So hell yeah to METH LABS!! Bring on another one.

Here’s the check from the closing: