Here’s the details to the REAL WHOLETAIL DEAL

October 3, 2013 – Update. The deal closed on Monday, October 1.  Due to a hangup with the electrical inspection being turned in to the lender, it took an additional 2 days to fund.  But it’s a done deal today.

Here’s a copy of the all of the paperwork is in the Dropbox folder.: (Note: I know you’re going to ask why I have 2 checks here.  Well, since I listed the property in the MLS and I was the listing agent, I decided to allocate part of my funds to Caywood Realty (which is my company also) as to not throw up any red flags with the lender.  So the total profit on the deal was $13,695.22 – I just split it up over 2 different companies.  Creativity at its finest.