Real Estate Wholesaling Certification

Real Estate Wholesaling Certification

Real Estate Wholesaling Certification

If you really want to make money in real estate but can’t imagine saving up all that money and dealing with the acquisition process, don’t worry we are here to guide you. Real estate wholesale is a legal method you can employ without ever making a buy offer or paying a down payment. So, how exactly does it work? Real estate wholesaling is a high-profit, short-term investment technique. Real estate wholesaling is different from retail wholesaling. Real estate wholesaling does not entail the simultaneous sale of several properties at reduced prices.
Property M.O.B. is here to help you get started with Real Estate Wholesaling & also here to guide you in getting the real estate wholesaling certification. We will provide you with all the information you require to become a real estate wholesaler. So, if you, too, desire to make big money with tiny investments, our deft and experienced tactics will assist you in achieving your aim. 

What Is Wholesaling and How Does It Work?

Wholesaling real estate is a short-term investment in property that doesn’t require a cash layout. All the wholesaler does, is facilitate the sale of a property to a third party after coming to an agreement with the seller. In other words, the wholesaler acts as a middleman between a seller and a property investor. The process works as follows.
A wholesaler locates a distressed property priced below market value because it’s in a bad state of repair.
The wholesaler then traces the homeowner and enters into an agreement to put the property under contract for a certain amount, say $90,000.
The wholesaler doesn’t sell the property but finds a cash buyer or a real estate investor willing to buy the property at a higher price than the one agreed to with the seller.
The wholesaler then assigns the agreement to sell the property to the new buyer, who takes over the right to buy the property.
The wholesaler pockets the difference between the original price agreed with the owner and the higher price negotiated with the end buyer. Note: the wholesale isn’t selling the property itself, but the right to buy it, so the end buyer now has the right to buy the property.

Learn How To Wholesale Real Estate in easy steps

Investors who are interested in learning how to begin wholesaling properties will be relieved to learn that the process is straightforward. Follow these simple steps to get started with real estate wholesaling:

1. Carry out your homework

The more prepared you are for everything in the real estate industry, the better it is. Starting with a general review of the wholesaling real estate process is a good start. After that, do some market research in your area. Get a glimpse of how much properties cost in your region, where different neighbourhoods are located, and what types of real estate properties are available. Doing this study will help you lay a solid basis for your wholesale ambitions in the future.

2. Continue to work on your buyer’s list

It’s a plus to put together buyers list before investors start looking for their first wholesale deal. The main function of a wholesaler is to act as a go-between for sellers and buyers. That’s why, before putting a house under contract, it is good to know where to look for buyers. Having a solid buyer list will ensure that you know where to take transactions.

3. Prepare The Capital

Before you can start wholesaling properties, you must first get funding. Finding a fantastic property won’t benefit your business if you can’t afford to buy the contract. Begin by partnering with a private or hard money lender. When your first business comes along, you’ll be able to acquire finance swiftly and easily.

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