Hi Tracy,
I came across your site and became a mobster.  I was watching your you tube videos and saw you have an app for estimated repairs.  Is that something you can share with me?  I’ve live in St Pete Fl and am starting my own wholesaling business.  I’ve run into  issues with realtors.  Either they don’t listen to what criteria I need, or they don’t respond at all, or they proceed to tell me how to run my business.  This is after asking them if they are familure with an assignment of contract. When they find out I want to buy houses around 50,000 60,000 they’re not really interested anymore. Please any advice on how to get an investor friendly Realtor to work with.  I know you’re a broker yourself, can you help me out?
RealtorsMy response:  I’m ashamed to admit that I’m a Realtor sometimes. They act like the biggest fucking retards that ever walked the planet. I mean, it seems like if you’re licensed by your state as a Real Estate Professional, then you should be educated and well rounded on all of the techniques that are used to buy and sell houses. But that isnt the case.  All they teach you about in the pre-licensing classes are the laws.  Nothing about creativity, marketing, or negotiating.  And that’s REALLY where all of the money is made.  So sadly enough, Realtors are trapped in their unconventional way of thinking and can not escape.  It’s a very tiny percentage of us that actually understand and value the creative side of this business.  It’s very hard to find a Realtor to join your team, but it IS possible. It’s a numbers game.   Just keep talking to them until you find one that knows his ass from a hole in the ground.  It’s USUALLY the ones that DON’T work for the big name Franchise Brokers (Century 21, ReMax, Prudential, etc).   Explain to them right up front that you are a wholesaler and that you want to assign your contracts. If they respond like a deer in headlights, don’t waste another breath.  Trust me on this.  They HAVE to know the game to be able to play.  Good Luck.  Let me know what happens! 🙂