It’s a very exciting time to be in real estate business and an even better time to hire one of Property MOB’s PRE-TRAINED Virtual Assistants.  

I’ve listed the top 10 reasons why you should hire a Property MOB Virtual Assistant

  • Property M.O.B.has the BEST Virtual Assistants that you can find. Each one of our graduates are hand selected and personally trained.

  • Only 40% of applicants to our academy graduate. We allow only the BEST OF THE BEST on our roster.

  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business is the first step in acting like a true business owner instead of a slave to your business.

  • The hourly rate that we charge is freaking ridiculous compared to what you would pay to hire someone locally.

  • Property M.O.B. Virtual Assistants have over 70 hours of training and can perform over 100 administrative tasks specific to real estate investing! Hows that for valuable?

  • Your work day will be reduced immediately when you start delegating tasks to your new Virtual Assistant.

  • Your Virtual Assistant will receive ongoing training and support from Property M.O.B. – If there’s something new and cool to learn, they’ll be the first to know about it.

  • All of our Virtual Assistant Clients are eligible to receive 500 free leads from our vacant house database each month.

  • We only have a handful of graduates available right now that were trained and ready specifically for the Black Friday event. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We’ll go back to the Waiting List process.

  • The Property M.O.B. Virtual Assistants are never on sale, but this year, we’ve selected them to be our Black Friday Deal! So if you’ve been contemplating hiring a V.A. for your team, Friday is the day to do it.