It’s a very exciting time to be in real estate business and an even better time to hire one of Property MOB’s PRE-TRAINED Virtual Assistants.  

I’ve listed the top 10 reasons why you should hire a Property MOB Virtual Assistant

  • Property M.O.B.has the BEST Virtual Assistants that you can find. Each one of our graduates are hand selected and personally trained.

  • Only 40% of applicants to our academy graduate. We allow only the BEST OF THE BEST on our roster.

  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your business is the first step in acting like a true business owner instead of a slave to your business.

  • The hourly rate that we charge is freaking ridiculous compared to what you would pay to hire someone locally.

  • Property M.O.B. Virtual Assistants have over 70 hours of training and can perform over 100 administrative tasks specific to real estate investing! Hows that for valuable?

  • Your work day will be reduced immediately when you start delegating tasks to your new Virtual Assistant.

  • Your Virtual Assistant will receive ongoing training and support from Property M.O.B. – If there’s something new and cool to learn, they’ll be the first to know about it.

  • All of our Virtual Assistant Clients are eligible to receive 500 free leads from our vacant house database each month.

  • We only have a handful of graduates available right now that were trained and ready specifically for the Black Friday event. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We’ll go back to the Waiting List process.

  • The Property M.O.B. Virtual Assistants are never on sale, but this year, we’ve selected them to be our Black Friday Deal! So if you’ve been contemplating hiring a V.A. for your team, Friday is the day to do it.


“How To Buy Houses on Autopilot” –  I’m going to be revealing all of the methods I use to buy houses on autopilot during this special limited time training event. You’ll get to see how my business is run on autopilot, I’m going to pull the curtain back and even show you my personal work flow, the same one I use in my business every day.

You can take what you learn in this training event and apply it to your business right away.

And the best part… it’s completely free!

Here’s some of the things you will learn:

  • How to Automate your Direct Mail so that you NEVER run out of seller leads
  • How to Get Property Inspections and Accurate Repair Estimates done so that you can stop stepping on hypodermic needles and getting bit by fleas!
  • How to Write Contracts AND Get them Signed with One Click of your Mouse
  • How to Buy MORE Houses and Make MORE Money by Working LESS HOURS
  • How to Stay in Control of Your Business, Even When It’s Fully Automated How to Outsource ALL of those Time Sucking Tasks FOR GOOD!

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