If your at a point in your business where you’re automating some or all of your administrative tasks then you’re probably debating whether or not to have your virtual assistant negotiate deals with sellers.

This is a tricky one. Negotiating is a Skill that not everyone is equipped with. In fact most of the best negotiators that I know have extensive training. There’s actually a method to the process of negotiating with people that needs to be learned.

And the business of real estate, Especially wholesaling, all of the money is made while you’re negotiating with the seller. Being able to identify the key words that indicate motivation and trigger U2 make stronger offers to your sellers takes practice. When you understand that your money is made with the seller and realized with your buyer, a lot of better appreciation for the skill required to negotiate killer deals.

Virtual assistants are an excellent addition to any real estate Business. They’re perfect for time management,task management., closing coordinations, marketing operations, and outsourcing anything administrative (things that can be done from computer). When it comes to talking to sellers in negotiating deals, I think that is best left in the hands of the investor.


Certain scenarios, of course, that would override my opinion. The virtual assistant would need to have a full understanding of your business and the goal of every phone call. That would even need to understand how much you would need to buy a house for an order to make a profit at closing. My opinion, it takes years of practice dozens if not hundreds of transactions to consider yourself a master negotiator. It’s hard for me to contemplate putting that responsibility in the hands of a virtual assistant and expecting a positive result.

Training a virtual assistant to negotiate with sellers isn’t an impossible task but certainly one that would have some challenges. Most virtual assistants that real estate investors use today are overseas (most of the time the Philippines). They’re sometimes challenged with an accent. That doesn’t affect the performance on an administrative level, but it certainly could hinder the negotiation process.

There are hundreds of moving parts to a successful real estate transaction. If you can utilize your virtual assistant to handle 95% of those tasks, and you spend your time doing what makes you the most money then your business will certainly succeed. The things that make you the most money are simple. Talking to motivated sellers and negotiating killer deals.

So to answer your question”Should you let your virtual assistant negotiate with sellers “? My answer is short and simple. No. We should let them do what they do best and let you do what you do best. If you find yourself and master negotiator after a couple of years, then consider training others on how to become the same. Power Negotiating is a skill that can be used for the rest of your life.