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Are you sleeping on life and Real Estate?

Early Riser Club.  Membership, Me.
I typically wake up at 4:45 a.m.  Yep 15 min before FIVE O’CLOCK in the morning, EVERYDAY.
On a regular morning I’m out the door 15 min later and driving to work (listening to a real estate podcast).  I do that 4 days a week and I work 10 hour days.  So I have three days a week (Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday) that I don’t go to my job and could sleep in like a boss.
But, those “non-working” days, I STILL get up at 4:45 a.m.  No, I’m not a natural early riser.  It’s a conscious act to set my alarm and drag my ass out of bed.  It also requires forethought in the evening.  If I say, “Ahhhhhhh….tomorrow is Tuesday so I’ll stay up until 11 or 12 tonight”, then I’ll be butt hurting even more in the morning and probably get squat done on REI.
I killed my cable TV subscription months ago.  I have a Roku to watch streaming stuff, but that’s only when my wife and I decide to watch something together.  No channel surfing, or mindless TV indulgence.  For 35 years of my life TV has been my mistress, I was with her hours a day.  The bitch would zap hours from my life and I was no better off.  A few years ago I cut out news of any kind, TV, websites, or newspapers.  That has been a real mind expander.  I feel no less connected to the world, but I don’t have to listen to all the BULLSHIT used to sell news.  My TV addiction is quickly following suit.  I don’t miss that time whore.  After my kid is asleep I will spend some time with my wife and then read before bed.  Cutting out my TV mistress has helped get me in bed earlier so I can stick with my 4:45 wake ups.
So my Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings from 4:45 until 7 a.m. are filled with Real Estate pursuits.  That’s 6 more hours a week I can work directly on my REI business.  Not counting the entire day I get every Tuesday to focus directly on REI.  By working 4 ten hour days, I get one off.  I could take Monday or Friday off to have a nice 3 day weekend, maybe spend it with my TV mistress.  I tried that, but I ended up just staying on the weekend mindset and chilling out versus getting to work.  I find that going back to work on Monday gets my brain reset and plugged back in.  Tuesday arrives and I can really dig in and accomplish REI goals.
If I include my drive time (8 hours a week = 1 hr each way X 4 days), my waking up early time (6 hours a week = 2 hrs X 3 days), and my Tuesday day off (8 hrs, 1 day/week), that’s 22 hyper focused hours per week I know are directed towards quitting my job.  That doesn’t include the time I sneak at work or when I get a Saturday or Sunday to work on REI as well.
Fuck this job.  Hello 4:45 a.m.
It’s currently 5:21 a.m., I hope you aren’t sleeping.
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  1. Jonathan Dolquist April 9, 2014 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    Absolutely I totally get that! I am brand new (3/1/14) to the business and I have found myself awake at 3 am and i just cant get back to sleep!! There is always just way to much to do and learn. That being said, this business is exciting and I am looking forward to becoming a mobster !!!!

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