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[Sneak Peek] at the MOB CAVE

My son Derek joined the U.S. Army right out of high school when he was 17. He’s been gone for 3.5 years, stationed at Fort Benning the whole time. I’m thankful that he never got deployed overseas, and did his service here on U.S. soil.

When he left for the Army, we converted his room into the home office, because he said he was going to go full career (20 years). After only a few short months in the military, he realized that it was complete bullshit and started counting down the days when he would get out! LOL  His ETS (End of Service) was November 19, 2014.  So he’s back at home now. Safe and sound , and ready to turn the next page in his book of life.

With his home coming, I decided a few months ago that I’d better find a new spot to use for my videos and my daily work. So Dan and I bought a “barn” and put it in the back yard. We gave it a name: THE MOB CAVE.

Now I know I’ve a country accent and all, but the barn isn’t what you think. We’ve totally converted it into. A MOBCAVE.  This is where the magic happens (not the same kind of magic as seen on Cribs). I’m talking about the magic of doing real estate deals and coming up with fine blog postslike this one and topics to educate the MOBSTERS.

It was just a storage shed, so we had to do a total rehab job, adding electrical, insulation, drywall, window coverings, air conditioning, heat, etc.  Ten tons of blood – sweat and tears later, we have a finished product!

The MOBCAVE is only 96 square feet, with half of it being the “office”. That half is home to 2 floating wall desks (1 for me – 1 for Dan) and my 27″ iMac.  The other half is where I’m building a video set for YouTube videos.  It’s pretty cool and Mob-ish, and I’m pretty excited to shoot my first video from the cave!

Here’s a sneak peek at the look and feel of the new video set.  I’ve just started with the design, so it may be a few weeks before my first video is ready to record. Let me know what u think. BTW this is an old TGIF table. I bought it from Ecorelics ( a local repurposing store here) and refinished it MOB Style.




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