So You Think You’re An Investor?

If you wholesale real estate, at some point you’ve heard it: “You’re not a real estate investor. You’re a real estate marketer.” Honestly, I don’t think they’re wrong when they say this. I, for one, fancy myself a real estate marketer, even though it’d be much more glamorous to call myself an “investor”. Then I could gel my hair, and wear a jacket with jeans and rockstar sunglasses like those other douchey investors. You know the type.

Call me a Realist, but I Just know my position in the marketplace. In fact, I’ll even take it one step further…

You’re not a real estate marketer, You’re a professional “hand holder”]

Sorry if this advice isn’t glamorous and I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted to hear, but if you’re just starting in this business you need to be aware. We spend all day working with “professionals” like title agents, attorneys, RealTURDS, etc.  Well, tell me how “professional” you think they are when you have a fifteen, twenty, or thirty thousand dollar check on the line and everyone decides to ignore their phone, or even better, decides to call it quits at 11am on a Friday.

If you’re thinking “Damn this post is angry!” or “Man, this guys is bitter!” don’t worry. It gets better. I’m actually a very positive person. I just want all the newbie wholesalers reading this to know what they’re in for.

Yes, your job is to market for cheap deals to source to investors. Nobody is denying that. However, that is just the beginning. Once you get a property under contract, and then find a buyer, the checks just don’t roll in on autopilot. Closing coordination is a necessary part of this business, and as tedious as it may be, it’s where you make your money. Take my first deal for example…

I’ll keep this short, but basically my first deal closed 8 months after my first mailer. Yes, you read right. Eight months. (I know, a little longer than the 30 days these gurus are pitching you on, right?) Anyway, I got that property under contract 3 months after my mailers went out. It was a probate deal that spent the remaining 5 months in limbo. What did that 5 months consist of? Repeated calls to the seller, repeated calls to the buyer, repeated calls to the title attorney, repeated calls to the probate attorney, and on and on and FUCKING on.

So, now you kind of get a glimpse into why I feel like closing coordination shouldn’t be overlooked. Look, I’m not telling you all of this to scare you off. This business is amazing, and it’s changed my life. I just want you to know what to expect.

I know I joked earlier about how unprofessional some title agents, attorneys, etc. can be, but really closing coordination becomes a hell of a lot easier if you have a strong team around you to lean on.

Cold call closing attorneys/title companies in your area until you find one you jive with. Ask around for recommendations at your local REIA. Other wholesalers/investors are more than happy to give their title companies business. Referral business gives the title company a reason to put up with you when those other dud deals fall out right before closing (trust me I know). Also, once you get familiar with the process, all of this closing coordination is something that can be farmed out to a virtual assistant. Maybe even a MOB Virtual Assistant ?

So, if you’re new to the game, Welcome! You are in for an amazing, life-changing  journey! I can only hope that now, in addition to postcards, buyers lists, and bandit signs, I’ve put you on to two more very important tools of the trade: a FUCK-TON of PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE.

2 thoughts on “So You Think You’re An Investor?”

  1. Makes no sense all that effort to “wholesale” why dont you just become a real estate agent. If you find and list a property you make the commission. And that one listing leads to others etc etc.

    1. I am also a licensed broker in the state of Florida. Theres a Major difference in wholesaling vs. listing properties. One that i just cant deal with.With listings, I’m basically limited to earning 3-6% commssion. With wholesaling, i control my income by getting better at solving problems for sellers, and sharpening my negotiating skills. So for that reason,I choose wholesaling. Good question tho.

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