This Dweeb will Stop His Truck and Beat Your A$$

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This guy is really pissed off about seeing bandit signs in his neighborhood.

ANGRY SELLER: In Your Ass Sideways

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This file is courtesy of KYLE SWEENEY from Florence KY

ANGRY SELLER: Marketing is Now Disorderly Conduct

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Thank you for this Angry Seller Call contribution by "Rock Star Realty" . This seller taught me something today. He taught me that he can press charges for "disorderly conduct" for marketing to him. HAHA  People are such dumbasses. Listen to this message. Be patient and let the audio load up [...]

ANGRY SELLER: I’ll Shoot You in the Head

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WARNING: Explicit Language and Violence. This one will actually kill you.. WTF.  

ANGRY SELLER: Seller from Russia Afraid to Live in the House

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Compliments of Blake Copeland. Thanks, again, Blake!!

Angry Seller: Have a Blessed Day Mother Fucker

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Every time I get a new Angry Seller call, I can't decide which one is the best. This one is off the chain hilarious! He is so mad about him sending his mom a postcard, but then tells us to have a blessed day AND a blessed night! [...]

Angry Seller Calls: Buy Your Mother’s House If She’s Got One!

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She talks so fast it's hard to understand, but she is PISSED, I say. This one is mine... She came from a Quit Claim Deed Mailing List. HAHA. She likes the "F" word as much I do, so if you have sensitive little ears, don't push play. Do [...]

Angry Seller: Go to Hell Mother F**R

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WARNING: This guy says FUCK ALOT!  If you're offended by vulgarities, then don't push play. Me, on the other hand, I think this is the BEST Angry Seller call yet.  Thank you SO MUCH to Blake Copeland for the contribution.  This one seriously made my day. If you [...]

Angry Seller: Save Me Some Money

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I don't know which type of marketing people dislike most, yellow letters or bandit signs. But this seller would like it if we relocate the sign placement, to save him some money! HAHA Thanks to Ben Freeze Fry for this angry Seller Contribution. If you have any angry seller calls, [...]

Angry Seller: She Might Have to Live in A Tree

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People come up with the craziest shit, I tell ya.  This one is pretty funny. She thinks she might have to live in a tree, or some other interesting places. HAHA thanks for this contribution to the Angry Seller Call Arsenal, Robert Draiss!!! If you have an angry seller call, [...]

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