Face Your Fears

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Excuses. How many excuses can you list for why you haven’t reached your goals, why you won't face your fears?  The gap between where you are now and where you want to be is filled with excuses.  You’ve been using them your whole life.  You’re tired.  You’re stressed.  You’re not [...]

The 3 most important things in Real Estate

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MARKETING.......MARKETING.......oh and some more fucking MARKETING. Location has been played out for far too long.  If you don't market you die. Some months have been better than others, but I’ve made effort every single month.  Well yesterday I had one of those moments when you feel you got smacked in the [...]

Are you sleeping on life and Real Estate?

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Early Riser Club.  Membership, Me. I typically wake up at 4:45 a.m.  Yep 15 min before FIVE O'CLOCK in the morning, EVERYDAY. On a regular morning I'm out the door 15 min later and driving to work (listening to a real estate podcast).  I do that 4 days a week [...]

How to KILL YOUR RADIO and become a full-time Real Estate Investor

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What if I could grant you a few extra hours a week to sharpen your REI mind.  And it cost you nothing.  The average commute for US workers is 25 minutes.  That's a skewed statistic because it's just an average.  There are plenty of people driving an [...]

3 more things I’ve done to help in Quitting my JOB

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I'm a busy guy.  Your a busy person.  We all have commitments.  It can be used as a crutch or we can adapt and overcome.  If you take a look at your daily activities you'll probably find it pretty full.  I'm trying to get myself to a place where I [...]

The Mentality of a Mobster; Live, breathe, eat, die real estate.

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Written By : Mobster Eric Braham Aren’t you afraid they’re gonna kidnap you and your family??? It’s not a choice.  Once you’re in you’re in.  They’ve got you. What does it mean to be a Propertymob.com ‘mobster’?  Well for one, you don’t get to decide to buy halfway in.  It’s a [...]

How to Make $20,000.00*

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*Probably not on 1 deal but you never know unless you get off your ass and take action!!!! SEVEN years ago I went to a real estate boot camp and was hooked.  I wasn’t the typical attendee who hated their job and wanted to kill his boss.  I actually like my [...]

Dream BIG – One Man’s Journey

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Excerpt from Tracy: Let me introduce you to Eric.  He's a new author for Property M.O.B., and will be sharing his experience with us from now through the next year (and maybe after) on his transition from early retirement as a law enforcement officer, to a real estate investor/entrepreneur.  I'm [...]

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