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What is Virtual Wholesaling

Virtual Wholesaling is a method of creative real estate investing. You don’t have to actually be present in the market that you’re working in. For example, you can reside in Atlanta, Georgia but perform virtual wholesaling in a completely different market, like Pittsburgh, PA. Times and technology have changed so much in the last 10 years. Virtual wholesaling is now a lucrative form of real estate wholesaling. There’s plenty of resources and tools available that once you learn how to become a real estate wholesaler. Take your knowledge into any market in the country and make it happen.

There’s alot of opportunities to become a virtual wholesaler. The old rule used ot be that if your market was tiny or slow, then you need to move if you want o be a real estate wholesaler. That’s not the case any more. All you need to do is learn how to wholesale houses. Then apply the techniques that make virtual wholesaling possible. Work from home or even from your RV, and flip houses Nationwide.

What does it take to do virtual wholesaling?

When your real estate wholesaling business is automated, you can just flick a switch and start generating leads in every state. How’s that for getting ahead?

In this 43 minute video below, me and my main squeeze Dan talk about how we marketed for motivated seller leads in a new market (Nashville TN). We were able to close a virtual wholesale deal on vacant land in just 22 days!!

Everything is broken down for you, from start to finish about how we did it. Mark out 45 minutes of your time, grab a drink and watch the video! Are you ready to use automated real estate systems in your business so that you can do virtual wholesaling?

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