Godfather CRM

Godfather CRM

Tracy’s CRM program on Automating your business was truly what I was looking for and it is even better than I expected when I found out what all the program can do for me. I’ve been doing this business for a while now and I was so happy to find someone that truly understands not …

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Thomas Clark

I have used a few different CRM’s in my wholesaling business and this customized version of ZOHO is by far my favorite. I’m hooked at this point and am not looking to switch to anything else anytime soon. You can’t beat it for the price.

Arlo White

First month or so with zoho, me and my team love it. Its been very helpful especially the workflow stuff and setting up reminders and pregenerated tasks. Thank you so much for introducing me to it, and giving me the ‘skeleton’ to build on!!!

Willie Phelps

This is great the way you put it together! I’ve been so blessed with the videos and everything, and I’m in the process of learning, customizing and training my assistant. So thank you so much… Best money I’ve spent in my Real estate business all year!

Shawn Bowen

Your ZOHO set up has made me way more organized and effective. But most of all it has made me some great “PAY DAYS”. Thanks again for being a ” Bad Ass Investor”

Nicasio Torres

I’ve told you before but I cannot get enough of it. Zoho is a real peace of work, I absolutely love and enjoy using it. Keep up the brilliant work.

What a Powerful CRM System!

“Thanks again. I am loving getting into the Godfather and integrating it into my day. I also do Insurance, and construction, and this is an incredible base to build on to run all my businesses out of. Thank Tracy for the amazing training. It filled in the blanks and gave me a solid understanding of …

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