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I think you just helped me out tremendously.  I was just about to market to absentee owners but after listening to your presentation, I think I’m going to try what you just presented. I’m not a wholesaler but a fix and hold buyer.  Thank you so much for doing this webinar!

Property MOB is the Real Deal

I was very impressed with you presentation and actually doing what you said in the beginning. Too often we hear, after spending a large portion of the one thing we can’t get back, you are prompted to pay or join and then get the initial answer you were offered. You did what you said and …

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Janelle McLeod

Watched your webinar training and loved the 3 big list you shared that we should target (instead of targeting absentees).

Kent Maerki

Very informative webinar; I really like your style; it’s easy to understand.

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