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Organization. It’s key to any business, and wholesaling houses is no different. I am not disillusioned at all. I struggle A LOT with real estate organization. Sometimes, I wish I was Type A and had color-coded binders for organizing real estate folders and other things. And I wish I knew how to store real estate files so I knew exactly where everything was at any given time, but I’m not. YET.

Organization is a learned skill, so if you’re not there yet don’t fret! (The incredibly handsome author of this post isn’t there yet either, and if there’s hope for him there’s hope for you too!)

I’ve experimented with all sorts of methods for organizing my time, my business, and my life. I still haven’t found one that’s stuck yet, but I thought I would do a quick rundown of the latest real estate organization tactic I’m trying. I call it: The Nickname Calendar.

How it Works

Basically, I am taking my workweek(M-F) and giving each day a nickname that corresponds to one, specific category of my business. On each day, my schedule will be filled with tasks that only correspond to that category of the business. Make sense? If it doesn’t, don’t worry. It’s kind of cumbersome to explain, but it will make more sense once I lay it out for you.  Here is how my week looks:

Can you guess what kind of tasks I’m doing on Mondays? That’s right! Marketing! Basically, my Mondays will be filled with analyzing campaign data, reviewing the numbers my VA is putting into our Dank Analytics sheet (if you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out. Get a MOB membership).

Also, I will be researching/exploring experimental direct mail campaigns, different marketing channels, and conducting market research on areas we like for possible expansion. Mondays are also the day of the week when I get with my team to conduct-you guessed it-our Marketing Meeting.

So, if you ever find yourself wondering what ol’ Jim is up to on a Monday, chances are it has to do with Marketing.

T is for Training…and Tuesday, obviously. Tuesdays will be spent training myself, and the others on my team to keep this ship running as tightly as possible. Now, to make your life easier, I suggest recording training videos on everything you do so you can relay it to your VA. I’ve compiled an extensive library of training videos over the past 4 years, but on Tuesdays I still plan to devote 1 hour each to my 2 VAs.

This will be 60 minutes of one-on-one training time. One of my VAs works the Seller side of my business, and the other works the Buyer side, so this training will just be for any specific/special/tricky tasks I want them to learn and incorporate into my business.

The remainder of the time will be spent training myself in different investment techniques, sales techniques, negotiating tactics, etc. (I foresee myself watching a lot of MOB videos).

Wednesdays are used for taking a “big picture” look at my business. For now, I’ve filled up the calendar with running test leads through both sides of the business; seller side and buyer side. As these test leads are going through the system, I’ll be taking note of any gaps/bottlenecks and addressing how we can run things more efficiently and consistently for our customers.

I admit Wide Lens Wednesday is kind of a shitty name, but it was the best I could come up with at the time so LEAVE ME ALONE!

Thursdays are going to be used for Technology. I have an “undercover goal” to try out one new app/service per month in my business. Tracy and some other people in the MOB are so good at being on the cutting edge of new technology and automation for their businesses, and I’m always left wondering “how did they find out about this thing?!” I’ve been hesitant to write the goal down, because then it means I’m accountable for it, but there it is. It’s out there now.

Aside from that, Thursdays will be devoted to further tweaking on the automation we already have as well as using already-discovered automation tips, tricks, and hacks to improve our business. Some of this newly-found tech will be used to address the gaps/bottlenecks we discovered on Wednesday.

Cold-calling will be done on Thursdays, and I’ve given myself time to write these amazingly captivating blog articles as well on Thursday nights.

Money, money, moneyyyy. MONEEEEEY. (Yea, you know the song. I’m not going to do the funk guitar for you). Friday is all things money. Looking at my bank statements (personal & business), paying inspectors, giving VAs bonuses, budgeting, and paying myself. (I pay myself monthly now, but probably going to transition to weekly paychecks sometime this year).

Fridays are money-related, but they’re also going to be kind of a light day to round out the week. I’ve save the afternoons for running errands that I need to run, as well as doing some financial/investment reading for myself and my personal retirement.

That’s an important part of your life, and not something to be forgotten about, but we can save more about that for another day.

*It’s important to note that within all of these days, I’ve blocked out time for standard tasks such as:

  • Responding to phone/e-mail (1 hr in the morning, and 1 hr right before “quittin’ time”)
  • Social Media (1 hr per day)
  • Time to plan the next day’s schedule
  • Time Sunday night’s to plan my Monday

So there you have it! A glimpse behind the curtain into how my week’s going to be operating, at least for the beginning of 2018. I’ve also included a picture of my calendar so you can see exactly how it looks(just in case you want to model yours after mine).

I hope that you’ve found this real estate organization method helpful. Maybe you can use this as a real estate agent daily checklist. Or, perhaps you have gotten 1 or 2 “golden nuggets” out of it. Until next week, fam! Keep on keepin’ on!

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